The Nemesis

Johan Nikolas Dieter Mayer - Father in law

The complete name of “The Roman” is not known, despite the fact that everybody in the field knows that if they want to secure high-value ancient objects, they have to look for him. A ruthless tomb raider, an excellent collector and antiquities dealer himself, he does not lose his time for anything shiny that is not gold. With such a reputation spreading around the pseudonym, who could really connect this behind the curtain, dark figure, with the face of a promising archaeologist of the past 20 years. Only a handful of people, perhaps somewhere in the back of their mind, had kept a memory of the man they had worked with so many years ago. He, on the other hand, has mostly kept in mind one of all those who wanted to be called archaeologists. Kipselis, the bastard who had stolen his glory from his grasp. His nemesis, back to the time of the excavations at Tel Kabri of Naharigia, Israel. As a young student had arrived at the site of the excavations as a member of the Niemeyer team from the University of Heidelberg. The younger apprentices in the world of ancient miracles developed a strong friendship, but they had to be tested when the credit of the discoveries waspresented to Professor Kebinski’s team, and in particular to the cursed Cleopatras Kypselis. When he saw the young student bathed in the laurels, and the recognition he was rightly deserving, attributed entirely to the dog’s head, as he thought, he did not stand and broke out shouting and cursing in a room full of journalists. That was the last official of “The Roman” with his secular name, Mark Antony Raffaele. His bitterness, instead of being silenced with the years, turned into hatred and then into one thought, revenge. Rumors says “The Roman” to be a Vatican official and thus ensures protection to act in the background, and all these years there were few who argued that through this the Holy See is trying to put its hands on the world of archeology, primarily aiming to “cover” what the sun’s light should never see. And while one would say that time could make him forget, since in his passage he had seen creations that a human eye would never face publicly and destroyed so many of them, he never left his hateful enemy out of his sight. Informed at all times by his associates and also by the fact that Cleopatra’s every so often monopolized the news, he was even more possessed by his own demons, that he could not talk about his own findings. Nevertheless, he never imagined that this merciful thief of fortune, as he described him, would disappear at a moment, whilst some time earlier having published an article stating that he was on the verge of a discovery that would change the world. “The Roman” wanted to be the one who would defeat the professor in a battle of impressions and was not meant to allow anyone to steal the glory through his hands once more. Using Italy’s imperium in imperioprotection, he gathered as quickly as possible a group of “excellent associates”, ready to pay them even higher bonuses than usual if only they could find out what happened to Kleopatras. Either way his “Crows” had no god other than money and he knew it well.

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