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The owner of “The Ancient Times” boasts that throughout his life he has always managed to recognize the opportunities and not leave them untapped. A strange entrepreneur, he began his career in the world of communication being a journalist. However, his abilities and some useful political friends soon showed him the way to his business venture, up to the point today to run a group with over a hundred companies in the world of information. But, as he has confessed in various opportunities, his passion has been and still remains his magazine “The Ancient Times”, the only one able to stand up and over through its biggest competitor, “National Geographic”. Especially, whenever Professor Cleopatras chose to publish his new findings of his archaeological excavations. However, this passion also had to do with a secret of Michael, his obsession with mysticism and ancient knowledge. As young man he had embraced the secret societies of Britain and France, and when in America, it was not difficult to make use of these closed circles to gain influence and fortune. Deep within, he hoped he would be able to reveal the knowledge of the ancient ones, and especially those that would allow him to fill his pockets with money and his name with eternal reputation. He was also enchanted by the younger then Cleopatra and the Tel Kabri findings when he had covered the story, and still remembering the fiasco with that other professor’s fellow student who cursed and shouted that it was unfair to give credit only to Kebniski’s team. Truly, he might not have had a career unless it was that chance. In the course of that career, he learned two things: first, that in the world of news, whether you are number one or you are zero. Secondly, you have to take risks if you want to make big money, and that translates into endless spending of money and time to one hundred projects, if that means one will be successful. Once he had set up his empire, he did not hesitate to offer the professor a much-needed amount to get him into the permanent research team of the magazine and give him enough money for any crazy excavation he wanted in exchange for exclusivity. Even, in the last two years when the professor seemed to lose his prestige because of his incomprehensive objections about a discovery that would change the world, Michael was supporting him because he knew that he would soon gain more profits from this collaboration, as he had done and in the past. The disappearance of the professor, a few hours after having send his last article, made him even more disturbed than the attack on the twin towers in 2011 in America, opposite his own skyscraper, housing his publishing complex. Without hesitation, he composed a team for a filed mission, hoping to repeat his previous success story: find the professor and keep the world breathless for a few more minutes.

News Agency Director: The Ancient Times

Theme: Professor Disappears Mid-Excavation!

Good morning everybody,

Yesterday at Pelion Mountain, in the mainland of Greece and specifically the village of Kissos, the disappearance of Professor of Archaeology Kleopatras Kipselis, has been confirmed.

The professor was the head of Archaeology Department of the University of Berlin, Germany. The reasons, motive and fate of the professor remain unknown. Rumors indicate that his longtime research, on the Myth of the Centaur Chiron, had brought to light treasures of ancient world and great importance, treasures able to change the known history.

Our news agency is sponsoring a field team to do a following-up day to day reports and collect material for a bio-documentary. Exclusivity is of the utmost importance. Investigating the mystery of the professor’s disappearance, a local partner will assist you and help you in any possible way.

You know we are the top history related news agency, so I couldn’t help reminding you the importance of you finding exclusive sources and beat our opponent networks to the punch, regarding this one.

Wishing you the best of luck
Michael Star
Executive Director
The Ancient Times