The Polish

Gabriel Bielski - The Polish

The people of Poland tend to be optimistic, despite the adversities they face, and that is precisely the phrase that describes Gabriel. He spent a difficult childhood as a middle son of a hard-working Polish family, following a short-term career as a military, which was abruptly interrupted due to several misconducts because of his behavior. He managed to escape a dishonest dismissal by submitting his resignation. Still, the soldier’s life changed forever Gabriel’s thinking, giving him a thoughtful framework in which himself for years would develop views of his superiority over the public militia servants, gathering around him like-minded people and drawing plans on a national reversion, first of the army and next of his own country, on every occasion of a dialogue he found. And all these with a smile. It would be only a few years after his resignation that one of his interlocutors asked him to come to Warsaw and offer his military knowledge to support the local underworld. In this underground world, Gabriel found the support he needed to be one step ahead of the law, gaining the nickname “The Commander”. His “business” led him all around Europe and sometimes even outside its borders. Finding companionship to the booze and the tenderness the women he met on his journeys, he tried to redeem his “evil” self. The same thought crossed his mind when he first laid eyes on Ingrit the red-haired Austrian. Eleven years older than him, and quite well-off, she did not need anything from Gabriel, and that’s why he wanted to have her so badly. And he won it all, and it took only a month to find himself in a happy marriage, with a dear companion and a foster daughter who would soon let them for studies in the United States of America. Using the money from his “business” and with a brave funding from his wife, he set up a chain of franchise coffee shops in Poland. A now reputable businessman, Gabriel shared his time between Austria and Poland. He had every reason to want to return to his birthplace, as his work offered him the ideal cover to be able to manage in addition to the coffee shop a personal affair. All these years in the underworld, allowed him to built the infrastructure for a whole paramilitary organization and lead it. Some of the smartest minds and the strongest arms, combined with the nationalist pretext, were the first to participate in the formation. Fellow Polish but with a mind. This, one could say, was the difference of his selected group of followers. He did not want them to be uneducated and weak, he wanted them to have knowledge not just will. Of course, there is always room for evolvement, so Gabriel was hiring whatever foreign talent was available to help his goal. The money was not a matter, and the organization’s structures were in a mountainous area almost 100km from the capital. When he heard his wife talking on the phone with the director of the Ancient Times magazine, Gabriel realized that Michael Star’s own involvement in the disappearance of her former husband was at least interesting. She herself told him what Star had discussed with her about a supposedly great discovery of the archaeologist that could change the world as we know it. 24 hours later, he would have contacted his network in Greece and sent a trusted person in the area of extinction to collect information. However, the traces of the excellent soldier were lost shortly after he arrived in the mountain of Pelion and while in his last message he stated characteristically: “… I cannot believe in my eyes, Commander you must come to Greece immediately … this guy succeeded … he did…”. Gabriel’s response remained unanswered for hours, and it didn’t take him long to realize that his agent has been wiped out. But who and how? He did not think twice and pick up the phone. He spoke to his most trusted man, his right hand that would be if spoken in a conversation. Until he prepared the ground for a trip to Greece, the team of his international elite would already have been there, and they might even manage to offer him some new information about the professor and his lost agent. Αnd always with a smile…

Gradation type: Top secret
Mission type: Research and retrieve
Team members classification: Level 6

In 19.00h on September 1st 2018, we finalized our report on the person of interest that our agency kept in close monitoring, for the past 5 years. The professor was under agent’s 69 supervision, nonetheless both the professor and our agent went missing on the night of August 31st. The last known location of the both the person of interest and our agent was at Latitude: 39.4003687, Longitude: 23.1341413,13.75, in Kissos village area on mount Pelion Greece. Intel places the professor Kipselis on the verge of discovering a mythical treasure of Ancient Greece, with world-changing potential, as referred by him on his letters to the University of Berlin Archaelogy Department. After having placed agent 69 on his tail, the information acquired allowed our Research and Development department to theorize that the professor might have discovered a weapon, possibly of chemical or biological nature. Your top priority is to search and retrieve the weapon, whilst research of professor’s whereabouts and abduct him as a possible collaborator in the ensuing research, as well as to find out what happened to our agent. From what we already know three teams are on their way to mount Pelion, therefore your tertiary objective is the identification and assessment of enemy forces possibly sharing some or all of the above objectives. This mission has been identified as top priority. Team members may travel together or in parts so that they enter the country in small teams. While in Volos, the nearest city in the area, you will receive new information by our local echelon, once all members arrive in the city. We’ve arranged for you to be visiting as tourist and a local travel agent will provide you with the necessary papers for your cover story.

Special Missions Commander
Lieutenant Colonel Gabriel Bielski