Creators of Cosmos Single Member Private Company, established in July 2018, is the first Greek-based company to produce, organize, operate and execute Live Action Role Playing Games scenarios. Its portfolio includes products in the field of tourism (entertainment, adventure, outdoor, experiential), products aiming to remove exclusion for socially marginalized populations, for life long learning and educational purposes, for corporate governance and capacity buliding of individuals and groups.

The company operates research and development activities for Phygital (physical + digital) environments and participates in co-funded lifelong learning programs with an aim to establish an alternative model for education and professional development of new and existing professionals. Since the company’s products are mainly symbolic, the company is ranked in the Creative Industries sector. Due to the fact that its executive staff is younger than 40 years old, is also a youth entrepreneur’s nursery.

C.o.C. serves not only as a producer of games and L.A.R.P. events, but also as a stakeholder in the field of Knowledge Economy, utilizing the latest methods to make every object of engagement easy to handle by its clients for their personal and professional development. In the future, we aim to serve as a center for the research, study and dissemination of L.A.R.P.

Particularly important to us is the ethical framework we stand for and that is why we are looking for collaborators who respect individuals and personalities. The company’s administrative structure remains open and flexible so that every one who feels willing to offer to our effort, can do so through their evolutionary involvement in our work. Our operational model of circular administration, through which our effort is implemented, is based on the collaborative method and supported by doctorate studies and postgraduate dissertations in the field of participatory management. Thus, we maintain, protect and develop the company’s and its partners corporal ecosystem.

A few words about Role Playing Games:

Live Action Role Playing (L.A.R.P.) games are the evolutionary successors of the table top role-playing board games that emerged in the 1970s and thrived within the next thirty years as means of fun for young people of all ages. With elements of fiction and drama, in L.A.R.P.s, participants embody the heroes and follow, as in the table-top version, the instructions of the Game Master, who is also responsible for the rules and the evolution of the game. L.A.R.P.s are an ideal tool for participants to cultivate a range of intellectual abilities, such as naturalistic, logic-mathematical, musical, intrapersonal and interpersonal, spatial, linguistic, emotional and digital ones. The experiential content of the actions enables players to cultivate personal and professional skills such as, but not limited to, the ability to solve problems and search for alternatives, leadership, group composition and function, the achievement of goals through cooperative methods. In addition, playing games in a natural environment serves as a mean of acquainting participants with the region, culture, history and people of each place.

For this reason, we organize:

Our actions concern the prodaction of L.A.R.P.s, treasure huntings, mystery dinners, events and programms of camp sites, touring events, seminars and workshops for the preparation of players and professionals (such as scenario building and props constructions, Game Masters as well as Non-Playable Characters training). In addition, and especially for companies and educational institutions, we create products that concern the personal and professional capacity bulding of individuals and groups of professionals, groups of pupils and students.

We operate:

The company’s head officies are located in Athens. Our games can be organized in any area and location, indoors or outdoors, after a relevant study by qualified staff.


To create high-end products, we collaborate with creative and craft professionals, education and sports professionals, cinema and television production professionals, health and mental health professionals and social service professionals. Our network of partners regards private companies and public bodies, whilst cooperation with higher education institutions and research centers for the realization of the company’s research purposes.

We design:

From idea to implementation, the company undertakes ​​development, creation and integration of mechanisms games, scripting for the conceptual interconnection of games with each place and players. We also manufacture consumables and props such as: clothing for characters, make-up and special effects forms, manufacturing of objects such as replicas, jewelry, as well as scenery objects such as statues, medals, cases, etc. As far as representational events are concerned, the company provides space planning services for the hosting of its scenarios.

We deliver:

The results of our interventions are analyzed through the collection of data, that are relevant to the core design of each scenario. Thus, we can deliver metrics such as Project Performance, return on Investment, return on participation indicators, as wel as Measurements for Economic and Production Leverage in intervention areas, Intervention Efficiency, Individual and Group Dynamic Development, etc. Within the framework of our services, the company undertakes the design and development of specialized studies and researches to the subject of our work, in collaboration with research laboratories, educational institutions and private companies.

How we evaluate:

Its scenario belongs to one of the three categories of knowledge management and concerns: a) knowledge production; b) transfer of knowledge; and c) mobilization of knowledge. Project evaluation methods are recognized as best practices in the EU. In order to evaluate our scenarios, we use statistical tools to analyze qualitative and quantitative data. For specific categories of scenarios, our company collaborates with specialized professionals such as educators, psychologists and sociologists.