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Creators of Cosmos Single Member Private Company, is the first Greek-based company to produce, organize, operate and execute Live Action Role Playing Games (L.A.R.P.) scenarios and events, established in July 2018.

The Centaur's Secrets

In an era that seems to have lost anything related to the ancient Wisdom and Knowledge, an archeologist is battling time to recover the tracks of Chiron, in an effort to restore the historic truth about the mythical beings called Centaurs. The vanishment of Cleopatras Kipselis is everything but random. What did the professor discover in the excavations on mount Pelion? Become a member of the research team and find the Secrets of the Centaur…

Three Paths - The Goddess Returns

Iralia lives in Athens, and is the only living descendant of Prant Esera’s blood. Days before she received a parcel from Nasim with a warning that her life is in danger. Alongside to help her will be the son of the Akari House, Seraf and the son of the El’ Eazar House, Al’ Louro. What secret unites them and how could its revelation mark the beginning of a world war in the Mediterranean region? Get to know them and live with them an adventure full of mystery, action and many twists…

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Our games can be organized in any area and location, indoors or outdoors, after a relevant study by qualified staff.


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