Game Rules of Operation and Security

The terms and conditions described on this page constitute the regulatory framework for contacting the game. Participation in the game presupposes their full acceptance by the players.

  • Players must provide the company with a recent medical certificate (15 days old) that they have been tested and found negative in relation to CoViD19. Players also unreservedly agree to be retested for possible infection by a company doctor upon arrival in Greece.
  • Players are required to sign a solemn declaration of liability, that the company will send them prior to their arrival, and if deemed necessary after their arrival in Greece. Respectively with the declaration of liability and in a similar way the players are to sign the contract – sales statement of the company for their participation in the game.
  • Each group will be accompanied by a member of the Hellenic Rescue Team (H.R.T.). The member of the H.R.T. is responsible for the safety of the players, he/she does not participate, he/she does not know the solutions of the riddles, he/she doesn’t interfere with the game mechanics, he/she may not provide information related to the game to players and/or teams. Players must immediately comply with the instructions they receive from H.R.T. members.
  • A team may be divided into smaller groups for up to 20 minutes. After this time widdles, the members of the team must gather at the predetermined meeting point, otherwise the game will be paused immediately and an investigation will be launched to locate the upsent members. The minimum number of members per subgroup is at least two (2) people.
  • Players must use only the appropriate routes that are drawn for the game purposes.
  • Players are forbidden to swim (sea, lakes, rivers) during gaming hours.
  • Players are forbidden to use alcohol and any kind of illicit substances during gaming hours.
  • Players must wear appropriate clothing (climbing shoes, sportswear or clothing related to the role they play, as well as a sufficient number of T-shirts, socks, underwear, moisturisers, etc.).
  • In addition to interactions and tensions produced by the game design, players are forbidden to quarrel, act violently, speak vulgarly and offensively to teammates, local residents, shopkeepers and personell. They are also prohibited to offend religious, political and racial beliefs. The executives of the company are solemnly responsible to solve any misunderstanding or tension.
  • Players must use only the game mechanics designed by the production team. Any deviation from these mechanics will result in penalty for the players and possible exclusion of the team.
  • Objects of any kind that may cause injury, as well as thievery and any kind of harassment are expressly prohibited. Any deviation will result in penalty for the players and possible exclusion of the team.
  • There is a risk of minor injuries, thus each team is provided with a pharmacy pack. In the event of a serious injury or any other condition, the H.R.T. members will immediately pause the game and inform the company’s executives. At such case players should fully comply with the directives given by the H.R.T. member.
  • In case of contact with local fauna, players are to exclusively follow the directives of the H.R.T. member accompaning each team.
  • Players are required to respect the natural habitats, not to contaminate them in any way, and exclusively use the materials made available to them, and/or installed by the company within the designated gaming areas. Any deviation from the rules will result in penalty for the players and possible exclusion of the team. Modifications made in the area as sell as the materials used for the game purposes have been approved by the Municipality of Zagora – Mouresi and the local Forest Protection Service.
  • The program may undergo minor changes if deemed necessary for the game to run smoothly.
  • In case of extreme weather conditions and/or natural disasters, and in order to avoid life threatening events, there is a possibility that the game may be postponed.
  • Players must notify the company in relation to eating habits, dissorders, and/or prohibitions.
  • Players must notify the company’s doctor of possible underline diseases (allergies, kindey diseases, cardio vascular, movability, autoimmune, blood related etc.).
  • No swimming skills, use of outdoor fire and/or use of sharp objects are required for the fullfilment of the riddles and game mechanics.
  • Any deviation from the rules will result in penalty for the players and possible exclusion of the team.
  • The COMPANY is responsible for the players exclusively during the ingame hours, that is from 09:00 to 17:00. Resting hours as well as night interaction hours in the game center are not considered to be part of the game, whilst the departure time of the last bus that will distribute the players in their accommodations will be at 23:00.
  • Price includes:
    • Breakfast and one (1) meal per day
    • The reception meal
    • The exclusive use of bus for travel throughout the game
    • Consumables and memorabilia
    • One adventure backpack per team that includes: small pharmacy, ammonia, mild antiseptic wipes, map of the area, emergency whistles, raincoats, lenses, eight (8) small snacks, items useful for solving riddles, disposable gloves and face masks for each player, according to directives giaven to the company by Hellenic Health Authorities.
    • Accident insurance

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