Our wishes for a meaningful and purposeful new year – 27/12/2020

2020 was a milestone year for the entire earth. The outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic, in addition to the immediate effects, the loss of life of thousands of our fellow human beings, has brought about changes even in the way many of us think about what we consider important and what is not, in life. Creators of Cosmos itself went through a very difficult business course, but the good news was that we did not experience the loss of colleagues, friends, and family due to the epidemic.

The passing year has strengthened our interest in preserving the environmental heritage, as the main tool against the effects of climate change, which is expected to result in the outbreak of additional epidemics, pandemics and / or syndemics.

That is why in our business activities, communications and collaborations, we have chosen to focus on the environment, based on the bio-synergetic approach for the development of healthy business ecosystems, which will aim -in addition to business benefit- the practical retribution towards the protection of our planet.

At the end of this year, we would like to thank the network of individuals and corporations working with us, both from private and public sectors, our friends and relatives for their unwavering support, so that we can continue our journey despite the adverse conditions , as well as our partners for the tolerance and endurance they showed, when work ‘stole time’ from our personal moments.

For 2021, the wish of us all at Creators of Cosmos is to gain meaning and purpose in life, and not just to be consumed in profit generation. We wish the same to all you beautiful creatures who receive our newsletter. May it be a year for you that you will redefine the meaning of your own life and reflect on the purpose of your existence. From all of us to all of you, we wish from the bottom of our heart health and longevity. May we meet again with the coming of the new year.

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