November is leaving, our new partnerships are staying! – 30/11/2018

The month may be closing today and we will officially enter the festive December, but for us at Creators of Cosmos the festive atmosphere is pervasive, as we have worked hard to create new collaborations and meet many interesting people.

As part of the ‘Katastima sto kentro’ action of ‘This is Athens – Polis²’ program, and after the completion of the preparatory phase, we started producing a business development guide for the spinoff company Cocomat bikes, of the renowned label Cocomat homebuilding. The guide develops in its content critical points of establishing a business identity, developing communication and sales tools, as well as network development methods to be used by the newly established company, with which we are co-beneficiaries of the program in Theater Square.

Applying our innovative methodology for developing business executives and since our company is the only one in the world to apply a holistic approach for the development of its employees’ skills, we held a meeting with the professor of the University of Western Attica, School of Engineering, Nikos Pneumatikos, in order to investigate with him the possibility of practical training in our company for George K., who is promoted to undertake the position of our Environmental Engineer. The discussion was productive and it was agreed that we would further investigate the subject of our company certifying internships for students of Universities and Technical Schools.

We were delighted to welcome and host in the premises of the former Guru bar, on the Theater Square, the LARP Choir, which also hosts our employees to be Alexander and Bora. The rehearsals of the team started on November 18th and we hope that we will soon enjoy a live performance by them, within the concept of one of our games.

The cold-blooded murder of one of our fellow citizens last September, Jacques Kostopoulos, left a bitter taste in our mouths, mainly because of the personal acquaintance we had with him and the love for his work as a LGBTQI rights activist. All this time we were looking for a way to support his family, and the answer came through our collaboration with Ms. Loukia Damani and Mr. Spyros Georgakopoulos. These two artists had long before the event created a photographic project on the subject of gender roles under the tittle ‘Anabela’. With their agreement, we decided to turn this photographic project into an interactive photography exhibition and combine within the framework of the exhibition a series of speeches and presentations on human rights regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation. We also agreed that the exhibitions revenue will be delivered to the victim’s family for the support of their litigation. That is the least we can do to honor our lost friend and militant Zackie Oh! We thank both creators for trusting their work in our company, we hope we live up to your expectations.