December, a festive month with lots of work! – 7/12/2018

Full of new partnerships, December begins, and we remain in growth momentum through actions and contacts that continue to evolve. The first of these relates to our collaboration with the LARP team Norsemen, which held a social event for its members in the former Guru Bar, as part of our company hosting in the action ‘Katastima sto kentro’ of the ‘This is Athens – Polis²’ program. The event took place on December 3rd and we were delighted to see members of Bulgaria’s LARP community present.

At the same time, we planned, in collaboration with Mr. Dallas, a social gathering of the characters of the ‘Mists of Aeonia’ LARP, which will also take place at the former Guru Bar on the Theater Square. We would like to remind you that our partner George Nastos, Hatha Certified and Raja Yoga Trainer (500H Yoga Alliance International USA, INDIAN), continues to deliver Hatha Yoga practices all through December.

Our project team is still busy preparing our new products, and this month we started working on the content of our seminars for 2019. A big thumbs up is worth to all our partners, as their lack of experience is balanced by their willingness to learn and strive for the best result.

Following the process of placing our first game in the municipality of Zagora – Mouresi, contacts continued with the municipal authority so that the cooperation agreement between the two sides is ready soon, in order for us to receive permission for our LARP installation in the area. We hope that we will be able to tell you more about this soon.

Finally, we would like to thank the candidate Mayor of Athens, Pavlos Geroulanos, for the time he has given us during his visit to the Theater Square, in order to be informed about the activities of our company, and to declare his willingness to participate in our activities, especially those concerning the strengthening of the social community and the elimination of racist behaviors at the expense of minorities. Mr Geroulanos has most assured us that he wants to take part in the discussions we will be organizing, in the context of the ‘Anabela’ photo exhibition, on gender identity and how we can make the municipality of Athens more LGTBQI friendly.

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