We are back and stronger than before! – 22/09/2019

Having a number of issues to deal with, as the play tests of our games were completed, once back in Athens we had also to find a new home for our GDPR offices due to the finalization of our partnership with the Municipal Market of Kypseli. Well, this was a major setback, nevertheless, we would like to thank Silvita Greece S.A.  for offering us a coworking space in their offices in the city center, allowing us to keep moving forward with our efforts.

But our problems didn’t end there, as we had to face a great amount of data loss because of a malfunction in our hardware systems. We will try to regain as much of the material as possible but we will need your help. So, if you have ever been to one of our events and have any kind of photographic material to share, please send to us via mail in the following e-mail: [email protected]

Regarding the previous period we would like to inform you that our playtests were successful and thus we are ready to open the sales period for all our games. What we weren’t expecting was the meeting we were asked to be present, when a renting house company in Chalkidiki asked us to partner with them in order to create a game in the region for locals and tourists. This new game is adding up to our portfolio, bringing the total amount of games in production to six.

Last but not least, we would like to inform you that our Director of Communications and Business Development, Mario, will be traveling to South Korea, as selected member of the Advisory Board, by the organizing committee of Better Together Challenge 2019, after having submitted a project for the rejuvenation of the region of Pyeong Chang, where the winter Olympics took place in 2018. The concept this year was entitled “How to transform the Olympic Plaza site into a peace-themed landmark and enhance a sustainable regional development?”. Although our company submitted its proposal to be a challenger in the event, it has been selected as one of the 40 special advisors to be invited in order to share their experience and specialization with other contestants and participants. It is a great honor for our company to enter global value chain markets, only a couple of months after completing our establishment phase during our first year of operations.

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