Just before 2018 leave us! – 24/12/2018

With wishes for health and longevity, we want to say farewell to you today and try to relax for a few days, until the coming of the new year, where a challenging year begins.

In our latest press release for 2018 we wanted to include a big thank you to everyone who supported us in starting our endeavor, and with a few more months left to complete the establishment phase of our company.

In this context, and at the end of the year, another important meeting took place a few days ago between Creators of Cosmos and the head of the Digital Convergence Council of Athens, Mr. Konstantinos Hambidis, Chief Digital Officer of the municipality.

Marios Chatzidamianos, Director of Communications and Business Development, briefed Mr. Hambidis on the research and development initiatives that Creators of Cosmos plans for phygital environments. As Mr Chatzidamianos, who first used the term as a seminar lecturer at Metropolitan College in 2010, explained, the noticeable difference between phygital environments and augmented or virtual reality is that users do not need a digital device to be permanently connected to the Internet, so this allows them to enjoy the natural space, which is enhanced by digital data deposits that offers new composite features.

Mr. Hambidis assured us that our company will receive the full support of the municipality and the Digital Council in order to achieve its reception in research programs in Greece and abroad, in order to develop an original device that will allow players to experience a phygital environment. He described the idea as innovative and a pioneering approach to the issues surrounding the smooth transition from the physical to a fully digital environment.

We would like once again to express our warmest thanks to the Municipality of Athens and to the social convergence programs we have benefited from, the Municipal Market of Kypseli and This is Athens – Polis².

We wish you heartfelt moments of family peace and happiness with your loved ones and renew our appointment for the new year.