Creators of Cosmos S.M.P.C. showcase at The Better Together Challenge 2019 – 13/10/2019

From October 2nd to October 9th, 2019 Creators of Cosmos representatives travelled to Korea to take part in the “Better Together Challenge 2019”, a 3-day global gathering that brings together social innovators, changemakers and idealists in action from around the world for an inspiring exchange of ideas. The Challenge provides an open and live stage where a vast array of projects and creative solutions for social issues are shared in a unique contest format. The event was co organized by the World Culture Open organization and the government of Pyeong Chang County.

The event was hosted at the former Olympic Plaza site in Pyeong Chang, where the 2018 Winter Olympics were held. The participants had the opportunity to present ideas, initiatives and startups in the following categories: 1) shaping a sustainable future, 2) fostering a more inclusive society and 3) building a peaceful global village on the site where the Olympic Plaza was previously established. The festival also hosted various workshops and presentations with more than a thousand participants from around the globe.

Although we submitted our candidacy as a challenger company, we were chosen by the organizing committee to join the Advisory Board as members with a responsibility on the one hand to offer additional votes during the competition held to the challengers we thought as the most innovative ones, and on the other to offer our expertise and insight on how to achieve efficient impact and maximize possible outcomes for socially oriented business ventures.

During the Social Night Event, our Director of Communications and Business Development Mario Chatzidamianos and our Cultural Manager Lazaros Damanis offered an olive branch to be part of the memorabilia collection created, symbolizing excellency and strong will on behalf of a global community of changemakers. They also narrated together a roundtable discussion, during the Open Voice event, where participants submitted their ideas on how to transform the Olympic Plaza site into a peaceful global village for future generations to meet and continue the legacy created during this year’s festival.

In the aftermath of the event, Creators of Cosmos, discussed with the organizers on possible ways to interconnect European networks with he BTC community, engaged discussions for common projects implementation with innovators and changemakers from Africa, Latin America and Asia, and undertook a pro bono obligation to set up a platform for these initiatives and partnerships to come to life. Thus, we’ve already established the platform based on our background knowledge on how to interconnect professionals. Learn more about the BTC by visiting

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