Creators of Cosmos S.M.P.C. grew its participation in networks and programs in Asia and Europe! – 30/10/2019

October was our moth of international partnerships. Having fulfilled our establishment phase, we decided it was about time we introduced our company and its philosophy to the world. Thus, we are pleased to announce that Creators of Cosmos has become a member of both Better Together Challenge family and the Trust in Play – European School for Urban Game Design network.

Better Together Challenge is organized by the World Culture Open, a joint initiative of the Korean and US governments dating back to the 90’s, established in order to bring forth and enhance the cultural exchange between the two countries and the world at large. Better Together Challenge brought together innovators, changemakers and start uppers from around the world to showcase their ideas in a unique contest format. Visit our image gallery and learn more at and read the stories of our representatives in our blog.

Trust in Play – European School of urban game design, supports emerging professionals in the field of urban game design, mentoring them to build a sustainable practice and playfully explore new relationships of trust in cities. The school offers three branches, one in Amsterdam, one in Athens and a Nomadic branch for trainees in other European cities and is co-funded by the Creative Europe Program. The school held an intensive training week in Athens form October 29th to November 2nd, 2019, at Technopolis, during which Creators of Cosmos showcased their business model and conducted a seminar on how to build sustainable enterprises in the gaming industry.

What came to a surprise to us was the fact that after the presentation, our CEO Konstantinos Kekkas was invited to become member of the Hellenic Branch of the School and thus present our methodologies to other trainees through project-based collaborations. He and the rest of trainees are already in production phase to present an urban game throughout Europe within 2020. Creators of Cosmos will be offering their tools and insight to achieve the best possible outcome for the network and its participants. Learn more about the program by visiting and .

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