Together we become Better and Stronger. – 30/06/2020

On June 29th, 2020, Creators of Cosmos SMPC and Miss Taxi Ghana non-for-profit organization, signed a Memorandum Of Understanding, towards their common development, in the ever changing environment of social and solidarity services. Both the parties agreed on exchanging their best practices, tools, and methodologies, in order to develop a common pace and a diversified portfolio to be expanded between the two countries, that is Greece and Ghana.

As part of the agreement Creators of Cosmos, will offer their expertise in the field of gamification of knowledge, hybrid environments business development, and phygital environments operational capacity building.

On their behalf, Miss Taxi Ghana NfPO, will offer their expertise in social studies, their methodologies in regard to educating women on becoming professional drivers, and their support for the knowledge transferring of our Best Practice, developmental procedures to various stakeholders in the country.

The two organizations also agreed on commonly designing and submitting a Research and Development program, for the transformation of smart cities into interconnectivity nodes, based on the relationships nurtured within a given environment between their users-citizens. Thus, Miss Taxi Ghana will be the first organization outside Europe to join our CCI cluster of both private and public stakeholders.

Short description for the organizations and their background history.

Our Director of Communications and Business Development, Mario Chatzidamianos, and Miss Esenam Nyador, the founder and executive director of Miss Taxi Ghana, met in South Korea, in 2019, during the Better Together Challenge, where over a hundred of changemakers, whose exceptional work is leading the world towards a more inclusive future, were invited by the World Culture Open organization.

Miss Taxi Ghana was one of the candidate organizations, to pitch their idea in the contest held, whilst Mario was a member of the Experts Counseling Committee, who were to vote on the venture they think as the most significant. Miss Esenam’s idea, to offer females in Ghana the opportunity to become professional drivers and produce income for their families and themselves, as well as her passion and kindhearted presentation, alongside a great professional and scientific approach not only won Mario’s vote, rather the votes of the many succeeding to be the second place winner, among 1200 applicants. Back then a promise was given for a partnership to be developed and today we are announcing this long-awaited agreement.

Miss Taxi Ghana, was established in 2018, with its main goal being the improvement of the socio-economic situation of women in Ghana, by educating and offering to beneficiaries all the necessary skills and technical knowledge, for them to become professionally active in the nation’s road transport sector. Miss Taxi serves not only as an organization for professional education and training of future women drivers, but also as a stakeholder in the field of Knowledge Economy, utilizing the latest methods to make every object of engagement easy to handle by its beneficiaries for their personal and professional development.

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