Creative Industries Vol. 4: The SM-art edition – 18/06/2020

Creators of Cosmos is pleased to announce the completion of the 8th cycle of the Business Accelerator organized by INNOVATHENS powered by Samsung: Creative Industries Vol. 4: The SM-art edition, which peaks with the presentation of the company, along with the other teams that participated in the program, to public and prospective investors!

The established and long-awaited Pitching, this time will take place online on Friday, June 26 at 17.00, while it will also be broadcasted live from the INNOVATHENS powered by Samsung page on Facebook. This will complete the cycle that we started last January, which is dedicated to the Creative and Cultural Industries. The program is part of the European SMATH project, in collaboration with KiNNO Consultants Ltd.

Follow this link for the official Press Release of INNOVATHENS powered by Samsung in Greek.

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