Join us and learn about the schools of the future – 08/02/2021

Creators of Cosmos invites you to attend the international, educational conference “Living School: a place to create, grow, be”, organized by the Lithuanian Public Foundation Edukateka, in collaboration with the Klaipėda Gedminai pro-gymnasium.

The conference will analyse practices, methodologies, projects and tools, the use of which can help the educational community to transform the school environment into an environment of continuous learning development, open to all children.

In addition, the results of interventions of organizations involved in education in schools from around the world will be thoroughly analysed, and to this extent, our Director of Communications and Business Development, Mario Chatzidamianos, will present the segment entitled “LARPing our education into the future”, during which he will explain how the establishment and operation of live action role playing games, within the school, can help children’s learning development and lead to improved educational outcomes.

After all, our company, utilizing Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences and a series of psychometric tools, already, through games, provides children and teachers with a personalized educational approach, based on the existing abilities of students and their innate talents, assisting in this way children to develop new skills, which are not cultivated in the context of conventional teaching methods.

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