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If you are interested in participating to "Three paths - the Goddess return" event, please feel in the form, and as soon as a group is formed we will contact you with more details.

Participation fee:

€ 30 Adults
€ 15 Minors (under 16 years old)

Payment through PayPal at [email protected]

Your reservation is valid after you have completed this form and the payment.

GDPR Compliance

Creators of Cosmos collect the above data for your participation in our events and to inform you of our services and news.

You have the right to access the data we hold and you can revoke your consent at any time.

Creators of Cosmos will in no way disclose or transfer your data to third parties.

You can check our Website Management Policy for more information.

I declare my acceptance that the audio-visual material that may be generated during the event will be used as promotional material for Creators of Cosmos events.


The event takes place as soon as the required number of participants for each game's cycle is completed (10 - ten people for each team).

In case of incompleteness, the reservation is transferred to a next date, no later than participant's end of stay within the Attica region, if they are visiting.

In the unfortunate event of non-execution due to Company's fault or incompleteness of the required players' number, the money is refunded.

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