After the lockdown – 09/06/2020

This is our first newsletter after the lockdown period that set the entire population on alert regarding the possible epidemic of virus SARS-CoV-2 (CoViD 19 disease). We hope all of you stayed mentally healthy and bodily strong during this period. As many of the companies, we were also affected by the recent events, nevertheless we want to turn the page and continue informing you about our ventures in the most positive way.

So, let us begin by informing you that we successfully fulfilled our accelerator program, hosted by INNOVATHENS powered by Samsung. Thus, we will be pitching for funding in the event to be held on June 26th, 2020. To this extend we kindly invite you to read our interview in Lifo magazine following the link

Creators of Cosmos also participated in the Brand Marketing Summit hosted by Reuters Events, during which we had an opportunity to learn from major market stakeholders on how to better brand our products and company. Find more about the event by following the link

In relation to our Knowledge Economy pillar, we would like to announce our partnership with NGO “Study in Greece”, through which we will be presenting our model of operations in a delegation of Chinese educators and professionals, visiting Greece in late November 2020, thus sharing with them all the tools and incite on how to introduce transformation policies in relation to educating professionals and students in the Creative Industries sector. Learn more about the NGO’s work following the link

Also, in relation to this pillar, we would like to inform you that within July we will be ready to present to you all our two new post graduate programs relate to special effects studies, in two Greek universities in Athens.

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