The “Polish’s” crew

Gabriel Bielski

The people in Poland are accustomed to being optimistic, despite the adversities they have faced, and this characteristic of optimism could in a word describe Gabriel. He had a difficult childhood as a middle son of a hard-working family, and pursuit a short-lived career as a soldier, which was abruptly interrupted due to several cases of misconduct. He managed to escape a dishonest dismissal, resigning himself. However, the soldier’s life changed Gabriel’s mindset forever, offering him a reasoned framework in which he would for years develop views on his superiority over military personell, gathering like-minded people around him and thwarting plans for the national rebirth of his country on every opportunity of dialogue he got. And he managed doing so wearing always a smile on his face. It would be only a few years later that one of his interlocutors in such a discussion asked him to offer his services and military knowledge to Warsaw’s underworld of crime. It was in this underworld, that Gabriel was about to find the support he needed to always be one step ahead of the law, thus he was given the nickname “The Commander”. His “business” led him all around Europe and sometimes even outside its borders. Finding companionship in the booze and the tenderness of women he met on his journeys, he tried to redeem his “evil” self.

And Ingrit would offer him such redemption. The red-haired Austrian, eleven years older than him and quite well-off, didn’t need anything from Gabriel. That’s why she attracted his interest, as a result of which he set a goal to win her heart. And he won it. He won her over completely and it only took him a month to find himself in a happy marriage, with a beloved partner and a step-daughter who would soon leave them to study in the United States. Using the money from his “business” and with a brave funding from his wife, he set up a chain of franchise coffee shops in Poland. And now reputable and respectable businessman, Gabriel shared his time between Austria and Poland. He had every reason to want to return to his birthplace as his work provided him with the ideal coverage allowing him to manage in addition to his cafes, his personal army. All these years he had offered his services in the underworld, allowed him to built the infrastructure for a whole paramilitary organization and lead it. Some of the smartest minds and the strongest arms, combined with the nationalist pretext, were the first to participate in his group. Compatriots but with a mind. This, one could say, was the difference of his selected group of followers. He did not want them to be uneducated and weak, he wanted to intergrate people in the ranks of his organization not only with strong will but also with great knowlegde. Of course, there is always room for improvement, which is why Gabriel converted any foreign “talent” available to help with his purpose. The organization’s hidden structures were located in a mountainous area almost 100km from the capital.

When he heard his wife on the phone talking to the director of ‘The Ancient Times’, Gabriel realized that Michael Star’s own involvement in the disappearance of Ingrit’s ex-husband was interesting in itself. After all, during the last five years that Cleopatras reappeared in Ingrit’s life, Gabriel have put both of them under surveilance, believing that in this way he could prevent any attempt of the two of them to reconnect. She herself, being unsuspicious and dizzy by the wine he served her, told him what she and Star had discussed, about her ex-husband, about a supposedly great discovery that could change the world as we know it. Gabriel already knew about the dissappearance anyway. What he didn’t know was the content of the archaeologist’s research. It was not long before he contacted his agent in Greece asking for explanations about the content of the conversation, wanting to know why the reports contained nothing relevant, demanding an answer on how the professor dissappeared while under surveilance. He gave an 24hour ultimatum to his agent to discover anything related to this weird story. However, the traces of his envoy were also lost shortly after his arrival on the mountain Pelion and with a last message in which he characteristically stated: “… I cannot believe in my eyes, Mr. Commander you must come to Greece immediately … this guy did it… I mean it, he really did it…”. No matter Gabriel’s efforts his agent was nowhere to be found so he easily considered that someone has taken him out of action. But who and how? He didn’t think twice and picked up the phone. He was talking to the man he trusted more than anyone else, his right hand we would say in the colloquial. By the time he would have found a reason to visit Greece, his team of international elite agents would already been there, and they might even manage to offer him some new information about the professor and his lost agent. Αnd always with a smile…



Gradation type: Confidential for your eyes only
Mission type: Research and retrieve
Team members classification: Level 6

At 19.00 CET + 2, on December 28th, 2019, we completed our report on the person of interest that our office has been closely monitoring for the last 5 years. Professor Kipselis was under the supervision of agent 50, until his dissapearance a few days ago. However, within the last 24 hours we completely lost track of agent 50 as well. The last known location of both the person of interest and our agent was at Latitude: 39.4003687, Longitude: 23.1341413,13.75, in Kissos village area on mount Pelion, Greece. According to our latest intel, professor Kipselis seems to have discovered a mythical treasure of the Ancient Greeks. Academics, professionals, as well as the professor’s close environment described this discovery as an event that will change the world as we know it.

Assessing the information we have, we assume the professor might have discovered a weapon. Your top priority is to search and retrieve this “weapon”, whilst locating the professor and abducting him if possible, as well as to find out what happened to our agent. From what we already know three teams are on their way to mount Pelion, therefore your tertiary goal is to locate and evaluate the enemy forces, which may be interested in some or all of the above targets. This is a mission of the outmost importance. You are invited to enter the country individually or in small groups. While in Volos, the nearest city in the area, you will receive new information by our local echelon once all members arrive in the city. We’ve arranged for you to be visiting as tourist and a local travel agent will provide you with the necessary papers for your cover story.

Special Missions Commander
Lieutenant Colonel Gabriel Bielski