The Father’s in law crew

Klaus Zimmer

Age/Sex: 48, Male
Place of birth: Dresden
Occupation: Lawyer
Characteristics: Self-regulated, civil, corrupt
Hobbies: Golf, classic music, bridge

Rising star of the German legal and political scene, Klaus has been working for the past two decades as legal counselor for Johan. His main concern is his ascension, no matter the cost, as he has long awaited to receive a high level position in the ministry of Defence or an executive position in Johan’s company, who chose him as his personal legal advisor.

Guney Davoglou

Age/Sex: 27, Male
Place of birth: Berlin
Occupation: Secretary
Characteristics: Adaptable, stern, flatterer
Hobbies: Cinema, modern dance, standup comedy

A young Turk born and raised in Berlin, he works as a secretary in Johan’s company, after receiving an “under the table” invitation. He doesn’t ask questions and always delivers what is requested of him, even when that concerns a “company trip” about which he knows close to nothing.

Catherine “Cathy” Bellows

Age/Sex: 34, Female
Place of birth: Perth
Occupation: Executive Secretary to the Director
Characteristics: Crafty, exemplary, opportunist
Hobbies: Thai massage, shopping, clubbing

Having worked for a respectable amount of companies, Catherine ended up in her special seat as the Executive Secretary to Johan himself, which she keeps not only by being hard-working, but also because of the intimate relationship they share. Although rumors keep spreading, she remains on the surface by being exemplary in her work.

Sophie Lacroix

Age/Sex: 29, Female
Place of birth: Marseilles
Occupation: Public Relations
Characteristics: Refined, dramatic, pleasured by material wealth
Hobbies: Theatrical team, latin, volunteer

Offspring of a long line of French aristocracy, Sophie followed her heart and devoted herself in her studies on communications and public relationships. Love hasn’t been graceful to her, she however channeled her loneliness into hard work and thus managed to quickly ascend in Johan’s company hierarchy. She has a tedancy to be over the top with her demands, both in her professional and personal life. No way she could refues Johan’s invitation.

Theresa Bernstein

Age/Sex: 26, Female
Place of birth: Vienna
Occupation: Economist
Characteristics: Facts checker, precise, secretive
Hobbies: Hiking, coin collector, poetry

Through an indirect invitation, the young economist found herself working for Johan, following her uncle’s directions, to gain experience for her future ascending in the company of world economic leaders. Fighting to be reckoned as a professional she takes on any task given to her, with ruthless and absolute precision, aiming to please her uncle’s desires.

Daniel Hoffman

Age/Sex: 41, Male
Place of birth: Hamburg
Occupation: Head Agent of Johan’s security team
Characteristics: Down to earth, well-balanced, suspicious
Hobbies: Fishing, beer maker, kid’s football team trainer

Few people suspect there is even a sensitive side to Johan, and Daniel does so, based on personal experience. After the fall of the Berlin wall, Johan undertook full responsibility of Daniel’s studies, as well as his professional growth once he resited to enlist as a public servant in the German Federal Militia. So, it wasn’t hard for Daniel to abandon his military career when asked to become the Head Agent of Johan’s personal security team. With a deep sense of being obliged to his benefactor, he repays the favor with blind devotion to his duties.

Otto Schwartz

Age/Sex: 24, Male
Place of birth: Munich
Occupation: IT specialist intelligence trained agent
Characteristics: Entertaining, productive, eccentric
Hobbies: Gaming, paintball, raver

The classic story of a young man of great talent finding himself at the right place, at the right moment. After finishing his studies, a promising curiculum guaranteed him a bright future. Despite his unusual interests, his skills have long kept him safe. Yet again, a secret related to his military career connects him directly with Johan. When Johan was appointed as the Federal Government’s Deputy Minister of Defense, Otto found himself landing a job on the IT department of the minister’s office.

Helga Himmler

Age/Sex: 39, Female
Place of birth: Frankfurt
Occupation: Project manager, special operations agent
Characteristics: Leadership, stable, ruthless
Hobbies: Cooking, knitting, model trains

Known by the nickname “Midas” by Germany’s high society, she maintains a track of records on successful project managing that led her to rise in the countrie’s business community around the early 00’s. Johan hired her as an advisor when he undertook the position of Minister of Defense, testing her abilities in the most divergent operational fields. She knows no remorse and will do anything to sustain her succes.