The Son’s in law crew

Prairie “Crystal” Tapper

Age/Sex: 36, Female
Place of birth: Oakland
Occupation: Hairdresser
Characteristics: Accepting, compassionate, manipulative
Hobbies: Wicca, crystal therapy, smoothie inventor

Prairie grew up in a commune with her parents being pioneers of the hippie movement and thus adopted an alternative way of thinking. Having spent time around the world during her self-realization travels, she and Manolios got involved in a romantic affair so intense and turbulent, which changed her life forever. When Manolios asked for her help, Prairie knew deep inside, that she had to embrace fate’s call and try to gain his interest and rekindle the flame before it is too late.

Bjorg Kudaibergenov

Age/Sex: 27, Male
Place of birth: Uppsala
Occupation: Yoga & Pilates instructor
Characteristics: Honest, overly expressive, becomes tedious with his problems
Hobbies: Reiki, volunteers kitchen, hypnotherapy

Bjorg lived a quiet life, working as an employee with great dedication and a systematic way of thinking. That was until cancer showed its ugly face. As western medicine proved to be sadly inadequate, Bjorg decided to seek treatment in the far East. With an estimated lifespam given to him by the doctors, he devoted himself to yoga, acupuncture, meditation and a healthy diet to discover that his illness was in remission. Convinced of the effectivenes of the treatment he received, he quit his job and adopted a new, more alternative lifestyle, according to the Krishnamatsaria’s teachings. He met Manolios, when they both visited Nepal, where the young Greek introduced him to the ancient greek method of hypnotherapy, through which he achieved even better results for his health. He would never miss the opportunity to help Manolios.

Dick Tracey

Age/Sex: 23, Male
Place of birth: Johannesburg
Occupation: Entrepreneur & kelp export
Characteristics: Charismatic, polite, insincere
Hobbies: Archery, scuba diving, bitcoin investor

His mother’s aphorism that he would “sell seaweed for silk ribbons for a lifetime” haunted Dick, and it wasn’t until five years after her death, that he would be able to create the most successful product company based on refined kelp. Cosmetics, nutritional and dietery supplements and medicines have made ‘Silkelp’ a financial success “unicorn” company. Dick continues to expand his company’s operations by investing in cryptocurrencies, entertainment, and alternative pharmaceuticals. His collaboration with Manolios, and the personal relationship they maintain, is a result of their common faith, that they can change the world step by step and lead it to a more physical way of living.

Marta Rodriguez

Age/Sex: 26, Female
Place of birth: Lisbon
Occupation: Painter-sculptor & contemporary artist
Characteristics: Intuitive, minimalist, touchy
Hobbies: Cycling, food adventurer, Bonsai trees

Growing up in an artistic environment, it was not difficult for Marta to chose a future with her talent as a driving force. From time to time, like many artists, she would choose to travel and isolate herself in nature and create works inspired by natural landscapes. Her trip in Gavdos, the summer of 2005, made her fall in love with the island and stayed in the area for two years, were she found herself living in the rented rooms of Manolios’ family. She had heard a lot about the little revolutionary, but who would have thought that the two of them would come face to face on one of her excursions to the other side of Crete. Manolios had just returned to the island with his fiancee and asked her to keep his return secret from his parents. This alliance united them in a unique way and that’s the reason why Alexandra has asked her to be her maid of honor. However, Marta, who did not believe that much in socially established relationships, had politely refused. Nevertheless, it seems she would not be able to avoid her arrival in Greece in response to Manolios’ request for help.

Ioannis Ioannou

Age/Sex: 35, Male
Place of birth: Famagusta
Occupation: Botanist
Characteristics: Curious, independent, delusional
Hobbies: U.F.O. conspiracy theorist, alternative agriculture, astrology

A Cypriot student, of almost the same age as Manolios, he found himself studying at the Agriculture School of the Technological Institute of Crete, at the same time that Manolios was studying in Berlin. What bound them together was their common belief that their families were “suffocating” them. In the intervening years, Ioannis would take part in a controversial botanic experiment that would lead him to scrutinize any possibility that the dispersal of life in earth was the work of extraterrestrial and stellar travellers. In his doctoral dissertation on extraterrestrial botany, he claims that all flora on earth has resulted from space spores, but his fiery rhetoric on the subject and his character cost him an academic career and funding for his work. Thus, he was forced to seek alternative sources of funding to continue with his research and it was then Manolios undertook to support him financially. Feeling obligated to his benefactor, he responded positively to Manolios’ invitation, hoping that he would be able to find a solution to the mystery and repay him the favor.

Joseph ‘Sifis’ Pirovolakis

Age/Sex: 22, Male
Place of birth: California
Occupation: Cannabis farmer
Characteristics: Loyal, team player, anti-authority
Hobbies: Traditional dances, lyre, backpacking

Sifis’ grandparents were forced to flee the island of Crete after the end of the World War II. Through their stories he learned everything about Greece and always felt a thread connecting him with the great island of Crete. Besides, there were many summers when he returned to the island to meet his beloved uncle, Manolios. Manolios also never hid his love and favouritism for his young nephew. Impressed by his uncle’s career, Sifis began his own cannabis cultivation in the United States. When he received the letter, he did not think twice and immediately prepared to offer his help.

Manjhit Chowdhury

Age/Sex: 28, Male
Place of birth: Calcuta
Occupation: Bioengineer
Characteristics: Witty, optimistic, over the top
Hobbies: Higher mathematics, chess, programming

His early years in one of the most densely populated and poor cities in world has been a catalyst for Manjhit. He holds the record for the youngest researcher with a number of disertations and honors in artificial intelligence and biotechnologies. He met Manolios at a TedX conference in Mumbai and immediately came close, with biogenetic engeeniring being a common interest. With an innate talent on science, Manjhit is a strong exponed of rationalism. However, his life changed when he became familiar with the post-humanitarian movement, which advocated a revolutionary shift toward a geneticaly superior human race through bioengineer upgrades. The invitation received is a first class opportunity to visit Greece and his old friend. Of course, in the back of his mind a dark thought keeps him unsettled: “what was so important that could have caused the dissapearrance of the professor of Archaeology, what has he discovered.”

Mary “Hippolyta” Brown

Age/Sex: 31, Female
Place of birth: Massachusetts
Occupation: Activist & founder of FETA
Characteristics: Direct, self-reliant, uncontrollable
Hobbies: YouTuber, buddhist, capoeira

Mary has shown from childhood that she was a revolutionary. When she lost her biologiacal mother at the age of 18 and her father remarried, she decided to “escape” to the vast Central America. She became an eviromental activist and spends most of her life trying to persuate people to change their lifestyles and protect natural resources. Since 2000, she has run one of YouTube’s most well-known channels, were under the pseudonym of the Amazon’s queen name Hippolyta, she fights for the rights of women, animals and injustice, while in 2007 she founded her own non-governmental organization, ‘Fighters for Ethical Therapy of Animals’ (FETA), in which Manolios became a member almost immediately. The two shared common views and she was not wurprised at all that Manolios wanted to include her in the research team. She herself accepted the invitation with the aim, in addition to find a solution to the mystery, to create a series of videos for her YouTube channel regarding the destruction of the environment in Greece during the memorandums era.