The Ancient Times crew

Rosanna Krustovicka

Age/Sex: 38, Female
Place of birth: Zagreb
Occupation: Field executive producer
Characteristics: Responsible, mature, control freak
Hobbies: Canoe-kayak, tarot cards, sudoku

Rosanna is a reporter with over twenty years of experience. By working hard and forming strategic alliances she has managed to work in large media groups on four different countries. Her experience contributed decisively to the success of her current employer. She is deternined not to let anyone undermine her work even if she has to do everything on her own to avoid such fate. When her agency announced the mission, she did not think twice about returning to the field.

Gregor Katasvilli

Age/Sex: 31, Male
Place of birth: Tbilisi
Occupation: Multi-platform columnist
Characteristics: Positive, patient, submissive
Hobbies: Crosswords, billiards, motorcycles

In every business, there is always a person who does all the hard work. In this particular newspaper it is Gregor, a modern helot. A behaviour that is reinforced by his difficulty in denying anything he’s being assigned. It is not so much the nature of his work rather than the nature of Gregor himself, who from a tender age was in the middle of every quarell his parents had. This unfortunate condition promted him to create a defensive mechanism of endless patience and compalsive positivity. Obviously, he would prefer to be in his office instead of traveling to Pelion but he couldn’t just say no.

Riley Torvison

Age/Sex: 24, Female
Place of birth: Reykjavik
Occupation: Anchorwoman
Characteristics: Charming, talkative, show-off
Hobbies: Instagram addict, snowboard, pilates

“Life is for those who can seize opportunity” – that’s Riley’s motto. Ever since she was a child, she discovered that beauty can be a ticket to success and for many years her dream of becoming a world famous celebrity turned into an obsession for her. To achieve this, she did not hesitate to use her beauty to create a network of high and not so “high”-profiled contacts. After all, on of these “friends” of hers had appreciated the “talents” and “charismas” of such a young woman and lead her to the doorstep of the Star group of companies, where she works as a newspresenter feeling confident that she is one step away from achieving her goal. When she heard her colleagues talk about a ‘great catch’ story in Greece, she did not hesitate to once again use her charm to win a place on the team.

Egle Simonis

Age/Sex: 23, Female
Place of birth: Vilnius
Occupation: Cinematogarapher & photographer
Characteristics: Creative, perceptive, jealous
Hobbies: Inspirational videos, calligraphy, photography club

Just as important as the professionals infront of the camera, samewise and even more important are the ones behind it, but Egle feels like people are constantly forgetting this. Despite her age, she has already won awards in world photography competitions, which paved a way for her and gave her fame at a young age leading her to the newspaper. With an immate passion for the visual arts, she is dedicated to spreading them on the internet. To this extend, she also had a number of personal battles she fought to restore the photographer’s glamour. She considers as “enemies” those who choose to focus on appearance and not on professional integrity. That’s why she maintains a venteta with those all who believe that young people cannot be effective professionals. For her, participating in the group is a first class opportunity to prove the opposite, ensuring the respect and recognition by her colleagues.

Dusan Becka

Age/Sex: 42, Male
Place of birth: Novi Sad
Occupation: War correspondent
Characteristics: Focused, disciplined, secretive, addictive to danger
Hobbies: Escape rooms, puzzles, micro brewery

Readers of mystery novels would identify in the dissapearance of Cleopatras Kipselis all the elements of an exceptional riddle. Especially Dusan, who cultivated for himself the image of a detective and grew professionally in between war zones, with numerous connections around the world and especially in the long-suffering area of the Meditteranean sea. Of course, he was one of the first to be selected by the newspaper for this mission, to ensure its success.

Bora Colakis

Age/Sex: 29, Female
Place of birth: Vlore
Occupation: Stylist & make up specialist
Characteristics: Self-sufficient, tough, cynical
Hobbies: Nail art, voluntary teaching, cycling

Unlike various adventurous types, Bora believes that a simple life is a good life. Always behind the camera, she focuses on her work. With what she has experienced in the world of media, she knows that the less involved the better and this belief deserves to be protected by any means possible. That’s what makes her likable to her boss who seems to blindly trust her. However various rumors always bring her to the forfront of the curiousity of her colleagues.

Ernesto Alvarez

Age/Sex: 32, Male
Place of birth: Havana
Occupation: Field head technician & drone operator
Characteristics: Quick-witted, Adventuresome, Childish
Hobbies: Robot wars, Rock Climbing, Cat lover

Every problem can be solved and Ernesto is always looking for at least three or four ways to do so. His mind is like a data processor and his hands can fix anything. The practical application of technology has been the natural concequence of his studies, in the field of ICT, providing him with a permanent excuse which allowed him to fulfill his impulses and desires. As leading field technician he goes by the nickname the “mecha wizard”, so it is not surprising that he was asked to jump on such adventure.

Halim Sahin

Age/Sex: 37, Male
Place of birth: Alexandria
Occupation: Blogger, cultural editor-in-chief
Characteristics: Honest, hard-working, Bossy
Hobbies: Ethnic dances, gardening, weightlifting

Halim’s father was responsible for establishing professor Cleopatras’ fame, after having published some of his most important books and studies. Therefore, Halim undertook the obligation to present the newspaper’s annual biographical documentary of the professor’s research and life. All these years, Halim has come to love the eccentric professor, considering him an old family friend or a distant relative. The news of his dissapearnce upset him, as he is aware of the professor’s rivalries with colleagues and competitors. He was already packing when he received the invitation to join the team, thus he is ready to face anyone and anything on his way to reveal the truth about what happened to the professor.