The “Roman’s” crew

Svetlana Ivanova

Age/Sex: 32, Female
Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
Occupation: Business consultant & corporal espionage specialist
Characteristics: Ingenious, perfectionist, deceitful
Hobbies: Swimming, stock exchange, spa tourism

Svetlana believes she has a right to be rich. The poverty she faced in her childhood and the fact that she witnessed the loss of her people to starvation, have instilled in her the belief that she must at all costs earn as much as possible. She uses her intelligence to secure “golden” contracts, and her distictveness has been the ticket to her acceptance in the mercenaries’ team.

Fodil Amourah

Age/Sex: 25, Male
Place of birth: Tunis
Occupation: Hacker
Characteristics: Pleasant, friendly, pushy
Hobbies: Bitcoin thief, Pole vault, retro technology

The swamp of illegality is distinquished by two forms of population: those who feel comfortable in the bog, and those who are desperately looking for a way to escape. Fodil belongs to the second group. His dream has long been to work as digital security executive for large companies, but the fact that he was born in a North African country, as well as the color of his skin, has often been the reason why many wouldn’t offer him such an opportunity. That’s why over the years he pleasant and friendly character gave way to opressive and vindictive behavior. This led him to a career of mercenery hacking in the service of dark interests.

Tamara Karadjian

Age/Sex: 28, Female
Place of birth: Yerevan
Occupation: Lawyer & penologist
Characteristics: Professional, strong personality, two-faced
Hobbies: Muay Thai, fanfiction writer

Illegality and the outburst of adrenaline it causes are, for people like Tamara, a kind of drug. With deep knowledge of international law, on the one hand she uses power whenever she can and on the other hand she avoids the laws or, as is often the case, uses them to her advantage. Having invested most of her time in her work she has a short to non-existant personal life. The invitation she received puts her in countdown to the next adrenaline rush, which seems that awaits for her in Greece.

Elise Steichen

Age/Sex: 26, Female
Place of birth: Luxemburg
Occupation: Sex worker & sex artist
Characteristics: Sensual, progressive, wild
Hobbies: Theater, Swarovski collection, volley

Elise grew up in a concervative environment, where every pleasure was punished by her strict, religious father. Her reaction to this oppresion found a way out when she decided to become a sex worker. Hundreds of erotic creations such as objects, photographic exhibitions, short novels and single act plays were born from her love for the human body, which made her famous in the artistic community of Belgium. Forever freed, she anointed herself a crusader of bodily pleasures. Never feeling guilt, she is a great choise for the team as she holds one of the oldest and most effective weapons in the history of human race. Desire.

Lucio Ferenzio

Age/Sex: 30, Male
Place of birth: Trieste
Occupation: Pawnbroker & illicit archaelogist dealer
Characteristics: Fond of learning, observant, indifferent
Hobbies: Antique dealer, gambling, havana cigars

Lucio has always been attracted to wealth and the well being it assures like incects “encanted” by the light of an electric bulb. A common denominator in all his decisions was and remains his financial security, his personal comfort and an uncountable desire to enter the closed groups of millionaires on earth. Uniquely combining his social circles, professiontal insight and the knowledge that people want to feel unique, he managed at a relatively young age to become one of the most famous illicit dealers of archaelogies in the world. Unfortunately, insects are always trapped in the light and samewise Lucio was trapped in an antiquities case that could almost destroy his reputation for good. The mission to Pelion, in addition to a solid reward, is expected to bring him back to the forfront of the illicit antiquities sales underworld.

Shev Fidelman

Age/Sex: 29, Male
Place of birth: Tel Aviv
Occupation: Prospective doctor of Archaeology
Characteristics: Reliable, supportive, stressful
Hobbies: Origami, Otaku, cosplayer

There is always an exception to every rule and Shev fits the pattern: his one of the few academics in the world who prefers practice to theory. A mercenary by conviction and not just for the money, he found himself enjoy the “Roman’s” protection since the beginning of his academic career, as Shev combined academic knowledge with military behavior. The later was the product of the obligation of all Israelis citizens to serve in the military during adolescence. The “Roman” had shared with him his feud with Cleopatras and Shev would only take the side of the man he considers his mentor and role model. He maintains the belief that he could be the “hand of justice” that will punish Kipselis.

Illina Dragunova

Age/Sex: 24, Female
Place of birth: Plodiv
Occupation: Burglar
Characteristics: Daring, practical, materialist
Hobbies: Parkour, pole dancing, bartender

Who would have thought that a girl of just 24 years of age would have already become famous in the underworld of Bulgaria, because of her talent to be able to break-in anything created by human hands. More than the profits that her abilities offered her, she is interested and feels satisfaction when “giving a lesson” to her male “colleagues”. After all she owns an enviable collection of ancient artifacts, as a result of her decision to keep some of the loot to herself, as medals for her “battles”. The offer proposed by the “Roman” is a first class opportunity to add a new trophy to her collection.

Jose Perejez

Age/Sex: 32, Male
Place of birth: Cordoba
Occupation: Ex-militia & mercenary
Characteristics: Sure, decisive, threatening
Hobbies: Guitar, knife collection, hunting

The only truth in Jose’s life is summed up in the phrase “become the best at what you do and hold this position forever”, which was the last piece of advice his father gave him on his dying bed when Jose was just 16 years old, and the only thing he knows best to do is to kill. From the age of 18 when he joined the army, until the age of 30 when he left to become a mercenary, Jose is not necessarily violent but knows no hesitation when it comes to acts of violence. He was especially selected for his experience, knowledge and apathy. Afterall as a mercenary, the only thing that concerns him is the number of zeros on his payment check.