The seminar that brought us close! – 6/07/2018

Our first week at the Kinesthetic Intelligence seminar was completed, which at this stage involved performing a cycle of Yoga practices designed and operated by registered Hatha and Raja Yoga Instructor (500H) by Yoga Alliance (USA) and Yoga Alliance International (INDIAN), Georgios Nastos, with the support of registered Hatha Yoga Instructor (200H) by Yoga Alliance (USA) and Yoga Alliance International (INDIAN), Sophia Koutelida as his teaching assistant. The content of the project, unique in its kind in Greece, is an innovation in terms of design and execution, and can become a human resources development tool for companies and institutions. To this end, Creators of Cosmos will provide a series of newsletters detailing the structure, content and targeting of the educational modules. The first and second practices are presented in this newsletter.

1st Practice

The first practice was dedicated to establishing breathing awareness and proper physical posture. The ultimate goal was to understand the importance of synchronizing movement and breath. During the practice, the practitioners, had the opportunity to experience Mediation, embrace the importance of alignment, familiarize themselves with few basic Hatha Yoga postures and, finally, experience a deep relaxation technique (Nidra Yoga). Following the practice, a feedback cycle was held with participants, allowing them to exchange personal views related to their experiences.

The instructors helped to create a safe environment for everyone, giving them the opportunity to discover their boundaries and understand different aspects of themselves. In this way, the practitioners were able to understand the importance of conscious body function, which helps the individual to become aware of the action and to improve the synchronization of movement and breathing. In addition, the harmonious functioning of the body resulted in intense emotional interaction between the participants.

2nd Practice

The second practice focused on standing asanas (postures), and in particular at the Sun and Moon Salutations. Emphasis was given to the full Yogic Breath. The second practice was primarily intended to strengthen the torso and legs, and also introduced spinal cord flexibility, followed by decompression exercises and Deep Relaxation (Nidra Yoga) technique. Following the practice, a feedback cycle was held with participants, allowing them to exchange personal views related to their experiences.

Practitioners showed a spirit of cooperation and teamwork even before the practice began. There was an even warmer and more intimate environment compared to their first acquaintance. The practice, though physically more demanding than the first one because it required effort to synchronize movement and breathing, was completed comfortably by all practitioners. Practitioners had the opportunity to strengthen the thighs (mainly quadriceps, gastrocnemius) and to open the hip joints. Standing postures helped strengthen the back, and many practitioners realized the importance of strong torso support in the asanas. Instructors once again gave practitioners the opportunity to discover their own boundaries but also to revise the boundaries of body and mind in order to explore new aspects of themselves. Particular emphasis was placed on the correct alignment of the body through the detailed description and instructions for each Asana (posture) separately, when practicing Sun Salutations. Emphasis was also given on the physical and psychodynamic effects, on the body and soul, when practicing those postures.

We would like to thank Mr. Andreas Provelegios, owner of Yoga and Budo (Arts and Evolution) Lifelong Learning Center 1 for his sponsorship of equipment. Mr. Provelegios is one of the first contributors in our effort. Please take the time to visit Yoga & Budo (Arts and Evolution) Center in the following link:

The seminar is conducted in the Municipal Market of Kypseli, the new “home” of Creators of Cosmos, after Impact Hub, as the site’s managing authority, selected us to be hosted in the building, considering our proposal to fulfill the criteria set. That is to say the human / environment is at the center of the company’s scope, ensuring at the same time a sustainable development plan.

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