Contracts signed, new contracts on the way!!! – 4/07/2018

Yesterday was a successful day for Creators of Cosmos. Not only did we signed the contracts for our offices lease in Kypseli’s Municipal Market renovated building, but we were also informed that our company was qualified to move on with the second phase of the contest of the Athens Development and Destination Management Agency (ADDMA S.A.), in order to be selected as beneficiary for the program This is Athens – Polis².

In the first case Impact Hub, as the managing authority of the building, selected us as they considered our proposal to fulfill the criteria set. That is to say the human / environment is at the center of the company’s scope, ensuring at the same time a sustainable development plan.

Creators of Cosmos S.M.P.C. will be housed in Kipseli’s Municipal Market, the first Social Economy Mall in Greece. A prototyped, innovative model of collaboration even for international standards, formed after the call from Impact Hub Athens, Kypseli’s Municipal Market Management body, as emerged through open, participatory procedures implemented for the first time by the municipality of Athens and SynAthina platform.

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