Proud of our colleagues! – 30/09/2018

It is a great pleasure for our company to track the progress in engaging new partners, based on the holistic methodology we have developed for introducing new employees to the company’s work force.

For Mr. Giorgos Kougioumtzis, who was also the first to be actively involved in the company’s operations, the subject concerns his training and employment as an environmental mechanical engineer, with an aim of identifying and placing our games in natural environments, in a way that protects endemic habitants from our players presence.

Ms. Fotini Kavvadia, undertook the layout design of plans concerning our hosting in our new store at the Theater Square, and also alongside Ms. Bora Chatzirai the ‘Technourgio’, the space where all creators will be hosted alongside with artists and designers (costumes, jewelry, shoes, etc.), as well as the design of our company’s logo.

Mr. Alexios Alexiou has undertaken the production of the project that we will be presented on October 5th, 2018, at the Theater Square, as part of the ‘Night of Culture’ event organized by the Municipality of Athens.

Mr. Odysseas Dallas, together with Mr. Alexiou and Mr. Kekkas continue to prepare the game mechanics of our first scenario-game that will operate in Pelion, under the title “The Centaur’s Secrets”. In addition, Mr. Dallas, as a founding member of the RPG4KIDS company, has undertaken the design of content for the educational role-playing games that we will present in the schools of the of Zagora – Mouresi municipality, so that local youngsters may discover our company’s operational procedures and ways they themselves may get involved with Live Action Role Playing Games business environments, in the future.

Of course, there are no words to thank by Ms. Nastazia Beikov and Ms. Chrysanthi Georgiadou,  who, with their active involvement, helped us develop the content of the script of the game “The Centaur’s Secrets”, in which the first undertook the production of the soundtrack and the second the writing of the script on which the game is based.

Congratulations to everyone, and a big thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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