Inaugurated at the Kypseli Municipal Market and A Shaggy Cat takes a stroll in the Theater Square! – 07/10/2018

Last week was an opportunity for Creators of Cosmos SMPC to meet the Athens public at two different events that took place on October 4th, 5th and 6th.

On October 5th, Creators of Cosmos SMPC presented a contemporary version of the story of “Shaggy Cat”, as part of events organized by the Athens municipality and the Athens Culture Net, under the title “Culture Night”.

In our version of the story, our Cat Nianios is a refugee and has arrived in Greece trying to find the ideal life. However, even his arrival in Athens has evolved into an adventure that he himself imprinted through the lyrics of a low bap track, singing live to the audience who visited the square to meet the new shop tenants as part of the “Katastima sto kentro” action of the ‘This is Athens-Polis²’ program.

In relation to the company’s training methodology, Mr. Alexandros Alexiou undertook the effort of coordinating the working group, and together with Ms. Nastazia Beikof, created and edited the song’s music and lyrics. The whole company gave present at the event, both administrates and trainees.

On the evening of October 4th, Creators of Cosmos SMPC management team took part at Kypseli’s Municipal Market inauguration, where our company is hosted as the Impact Hub, as managing authority, chose us to host us in the building as they considered our proposal met the required criteria. That is, man and the environment to be at the center of our operational concept, while ensuring a sustainable development plan.

As part of the three-day event, we prepared and presented, on Saturday October 6th, a treasure hunt scenario aimed at visitors of the Municipal Market to get acquainted with the businesses that started operating in the renovated building and at the same time to get acquainted with the content of our company’s activities.

It was a great pleasure for us to have visitors informed about the idea and philosophy of Live Action Role Playing Games, and even more than just a pleasure to have so many individuals embrace and support our endeavor. Our next date with our audience is scheduled for October 12th, when the inauguration of our program will take place on Theater Square.

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