Step by step, we move forward and grow! – 31/10/2018

October has been a full month as we strive to improve ourselves and our newly formed team every day, whilst trying to introduce ourselves to the Athenian public.

Our new team members continue the counseling sessions on regular bases, in accordance to our innovative recruitment methodology and we had the pleasure of meeting with LARPers from Bulgaria and Serbia. Of course, tensions are not lacking nevertheless as in life, so in our company, these tensions help us all excel ourselves.

A new perspective has been created and concerns our acquaintance with Mr. Prokos, owner of Improvibe, the school that teaches theatrical improvisation in the heart of Athens, the neighborhood of Psiri. Together we are searching for the right formula and place to host our Kinesthetic Seminars.

At the same time, George K. and Mario are preparing for their meeting with Professor Ioannis Skarpelos, responsible for the Gamelab Panteion, of the Panteion University, with an aim of collaborating on a research project to investigate the effects of L.A.R.P. gaming in combination with education, culture, social and humanitarian sciences. Mr. Skarpelos and Mr. Chatzidamianos collaborated last June on the training program “Development of Digital Games”, organized by the General Secretariat for Youth, and the forthcoming appointment will be a reason to reconnect and deepen this cooperation.

Another collaboration completed under the guidance of Angelina and Mario, alongside Xanthippi, George K., Clelia, and Constantine, regarded the submission of application for the Proof of Concept program, a competition organized by Patra’s Science Park for startups with Research and Development orientation.

At the same time, we participated in various meetings such as the conference on sharing economy entitled “Sharing Tourism Development”, where meetings were held with the mayors of Thera and Florence for the development of new products in these areas, as well as the “Green Business Development” seminar.

Finally, we would like to thank Dionisis, Electra, Odysseus and Alexis for the valuable support they provided -as pioneers of Hellenic L.A.R.P. community- during an interview with journalist Angelos Kladis, who is preparing a tribute to Greece’s L.A.R.P. community, in the magazine Athinorama.

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