A ‘Dream of a Summer Night’ at the Theater Square! – 15/10/2018

The Creators of Cosmos SMPC was delighted to welcome the visitors of the inauguration of the ‘This is Athens-Polis²’ program at the Theatre Square, organized by the Athens Development and Destination Management Agency (ADDMA SA) of the Municipality of Athens, on the 12th and 13th of October.

Company executives and trainees remembered their summer experience with kinesthetic intelligence, as Mr. Georgios Nastos, Hatha and Raja Yoga certified Trainer (500H Yoga Alliance International USA, INDIAN) alongside the team implemented a Hatha practice, to prep us all for the big night. This experience was unique for us as we remembered what we’ve learned during the seminar-workshop they attended last July, entitled “Kinesthetic and Improving the Experience of LARP Players”.

The company executives then dressed up and made hairstyle and make-up preparation to bring to life the characters of Shakespeare’s “Dream of a Summer Night”, this time as heroes of a live action role-playing game.

At the same time, our communication team, throughout the event, conducted half-hour presentations on the history of Live Action Role Playing, the idea and philosophy of our company, and shared with many of the visitors involved techniques for character creation for a LARP game.

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