New Year, New Beginnings! – 12/01/2019

This newsletter is filled with our wishes for the new year. However, our efforts cannot wait, so we begin 2019 with a number of important announcements.

As part of our design for the company’s Minimum Value Product, entitled “The Centaur’s Secrets”, we have completed and sent our cooperation framework to the Hellenic Rescue Team, branch of Magnesia Prefecture, in order to join forces with an aim of both protecting the physical integrity of our players, as well as the natural environment in the intervention area. In the same context, our company’s Cultural Heritage Project Manager, Lazaros Damanis, has engaged in the design phase of a new project that deals with alternative hosting structures in the field of experience tourism and me tourism.

On January the 4th and the 11th, 2019, our company participated in a workshop, designed and presented to the beneficiaries of the program ‘This is Athens – Polis²’ by Dr. Polina Kosmadakes,  Ph.D. in Art History and Curator of the Benaki Museum, aiming to develop and present a joint project that will be designed and implemented by the beneficiaries of the program. The purpose of the workshops was to identify and exploit common identity and goals among the beneficiaries, so that they may be utilized in an event to be presented until the completion of the program. We would like to thank Ms. Kosmadakes for the valuable time and knowledge she shared with us.

Of course, we do not neglect our small-scale projects such as our collaboration with the NGO Niroi for the creation of a small-scale Live Action Role Playing game related to the history of Athens; the continuation of our kinesthetic intelligence courses performed at the former Guru Bar, by Giorgos Nastos, registered Hatha and Raja Yoga Instructor (500H) by Yoga Alliance (USA) and Yoga Alliance International (INDIAN); the preparation of our new workshops and seminars for 2019; the fulfillment of the pre-production phase regarding the photo exhibition “Anabela”; the continuation of our capacity building counseling sessions with our prospective associates, as well as the event that is being implemented today and tomorrow in our store on Theater Street under the title “Apprentice Magicians”. A collaboration of Creators of Cosmos with the newly established company RPG4Kids.

Come join us in 2019 for a year full of ideas, creations, projects and collaborations. Subscribe to our newsletter using the form found on our company’s contact page. May we all have a blessed 2019!

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