Two new collaborations on the way. – 24/01/2019

Creators of Cosmos is pleased to announce the successful submission of two project of learning orientation.

The first project for a Live Action Role Playing game was created and submitted to NGO Caritas Hellas, with an aim of utilizing the content as a learning tool that will enable displaced people (refugees-immigrants) to get to know the culture of Greece.

For the first time, the game will be designed by the beneficiaries themselves in collaboration with our company executives, to create a product by refugees and immigrants for refugees and immigrants based on their needs. This is the first educational content game that our company will operate.

Our second collaboration, in relation to a learning content Live Action Role Playing game, has been submitted to ‘Pace Odyssey’ and regards the design and implementation of a short-scale game as a touring tool for the city of Athens, for students of two schools from Turkey and Palestine.

Our company in collaboration with MSc archaeologist Alexandros Aslanidis, who undertook the role of scientific partner, created the game “Cultural DNA”, through which players will learn about the six cultural values ​​that formed the “heart” of the city of Athens in antiquity, as a result of the cultural change brought about by the adoption of democratic politics.

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