When Life serves you lemons… – 27/02/2019

Although we are in the middle of moving out from our store in Theatre str., as you’ve probably read in our recent press release earlier this month, we would like to keep up delivering our newsletter, so that we may keep contact and let you know on how things are developing regarding our operational dynamic.

On February the 20th, 2019, Creators of Cosmos were present at the event held by the Municipality of Athens, during which the Mayor George Kaminis announced that the city has been awarded with the title of Innovation Capital of Europe 2019.

As we were part of this effort, we would like to let you know that the difference between all the other candidate cities and Athens, was that the city invested in what is known as social innovation. That regards the efforts of the municipality to achieve social cohesion through projects involving as many citizens as possible. The reason of the award has to do with the fact that during the austerity years, the municipality managed to establish networks of key stakeholders in the fields of Tourism, Culture, Research & Development, Innovation and Business development, as well as small scale projects with a social and solidarity impact. Thus, Athens won the title competing against the cities that invested solely on technology and innovation. The award reaches and amount of 1.000.000,00€ to be spend on keeping up with the actions undertaken by the municipality and even create new projects. We are proud for being part of this effort.

In relation to what took place within the company, we would like to let you know that the hardest part going through the establishment phase of our business model is to find the people to support mainly the idea and secondarily the concept behind the model. We took our chances with our first group of partners and employees to be, to whom we delivered capacity building counselling sessions as well as hands-on experience regarding project managing.

Although for us this was a chance to help build up strong employees and networks, whilst trying to explain all the differences between our hybrid modelled company and common business portraits, we realized that not everyone can move on to a new working environment, leaving behind old habits. After having tried to resolve some issues that unearthed during this period, it so happened that some of our trainees decided not to keep collaborating with us. This left us with less available workforce and lead us to lose a few possible employees. We wish to them all the very best and we continue our efforts to fill in the positions.

Closing this newsletter we would like to let you know on our small-scale L.A.R.P. game, entitled “Cultural DNA” which will take place on March 1st and 2nd, 2019, in collaboration with Pace Odyssey, as a learning toll relate to Athens antiquity for students of two schools form Turkey and Palestine.

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