Suspension of store operations – 14/02/2019

Every beginning is difficult, wise people say, and how could our beginning be different from those of so many businessmen.

We are therefore in a difficult position to announce that after negotiations between the shop owner, who hosts us at Theater Street, and the executives of the program “This is Athens – Polis²”, it is no longer possible for us to use the store.

Despite the efforts of Athens Destination & Development Management Agency S.A. no common place was found, thus we have to suspend the operation of our store within February. However, we are already looking for ways to continue our presence in the Theater Square and in the program, and we will announce more on this in time.

On the occasion of this event, the courses of kinesthetic intelligence and the implementation of the photo exhibition “Anabela” were suspended, as well as the hosting of the activities of the informal L.A.R.P. groups at the former bar Guru.

We would like to thank all the participants of the program, as well as the prospective candidates for employment, who, due to the events, decided not to continue their cooperation with our company.

For us at Creator of Cosmos, these developments allow us to take the next step in redesigning our business growth strategy and identifying prospects that will allow us to continue our operations seamlessly.

A big thank you to Oriana, Barbara, Milto, Alexis, Alexander, Bora, and all those who supported us in our endeavor.

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