Latest news from our operations – 30/05/2019

Being in line with our dedication to keeping you informed about our operational activity, we would like to let you know that Creators of Cosmos, in accordance with our obligations to the program “This is Athens – Polis²”, has finalized and delivered its pitching deck, to be used as an example by the rest of beneficiaries. Thus, we conducted informative meetings with NGO Niroi, and NGO “We need Books”, in order to help them build their own presentation context, whilst we presented the deck to “I love Athens project” executives.

To the extend of our operation in Theatre Square, we are happy to announce that our fellow-beneficiaries NGO “We need Books” has finalized the program for its concert with refugee musicians, under the auspice of the European Music Day and Athens Music Week. Following up with our involvement to the program of events, we are happy to announce that we have been accepted to present our company in the Meet n’ Greet session of Athens Music Week, to be hosted at INNOVATHENS powered by Samsung, of the municipality of Athens.

In relation to our online presence, we would like to thank everyone involved in our site development and especially Angelina Kondyli, Director of Research/ Environment/ Security/ Systems and Technology and our developer Konstantinos Karugiannis for his invaluable help and continuous support. We would also like to inform you that within the following weeks, we would be in position to present to you the final concept of our PhD research upon which our business model has been established. Our scientific partner, Ms. Tokmakides has reached the end of a long road and with the help of our Mario -as fellow researcher- she will be presenting her research on how music and science may help kids learn, rather than just being educated.

Last, but not least we would like to welcome the new members to our team and during the months to follow, we will be happy to introduce them to you, on a project-based concept. We would like to thank them for their efforts so that our company may open its “wings” at an international level, as planned within the first two years of our operational planning. Soon, we will also be able to announce major partnerships around the globe and welcome you all to join our local teams of professionals, for our projects’ development in all five continents.

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