It has been a month of successes… – 30/06/2019

June has been a productive month for our company, having achieved a number of major steps regarding our growth strategy and the development of our networks. Although the intervention of the program “This is Athens – Polis²” came to an end, the knowledge gained will be a drive for us and our future partnerships with public authorities. We would like to thank the executives of ADDMA S.A. as well as all the co-beneficiaries of the program and wish everyone good luck in their future plans. For us this experience was a most helpful one, having achieved not only to become a partner of the municipality of Athens but to be named a success story case for the entire intervention. We will continue to produce our projects in urban areas accordingly to what we’ve learned during the program. Thank you, Orianna, Barbara, Alexander, Miltos, Stella, Sotiris, Matina, Sophia, Alex, Bora, Photini, George, Odysseus, Nastazia, Chrysanthi and everyone that stood by our side during this year.

Moving on with the news, our negotiations with the Knowledge Broker’s Forum has been fulfilled, and thus we are pleased to inform you that our company is undertaking the role of the network’s communication agency, making Greece the host country for a network of more than 700 professionals in the field of Knowledge Economy, from more than a 100 countries around the globe. The new page, will continue to be a place to exchange tools, methodologies, information and evidence based policy making strategies in a number of issues such as environment, science, technology, education, social cohesion, sustainable development etc.

To our other endeavors, it has been a great experience to present our business model to professionals of the music industry in the Meet n’ Greet session of the Athens Music Convention on June 19th, 2019, at INNOVATHENS powered by Samsung. Participants were interested to learn about the realization strategies we are using for the verification of royalties regarding music score partnering composers and performers, and how this model may apply in their countries.

Last but not least we would like to inform you that our company is entering a new cycle of negotiations in the following period in order to produce and present its first urban live action role playing game. This project of ours will be dedicated to city-break tourists visiting Athens all year long. The concept has already been prepared and relates with the mythology of Hekate, one of the goddesses that Athenians used to worship, before the adaptation of the pantheon. Our new team members are already working on the scenario and the game mechanics so we would like to thank Mara, Christina, Platonas, Lazarus, Maria and Stella.

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