Partnership with Knowledge Broker’s Forum, to host their new site and communications – 15/07/2019

After having fulfilled the negotiations with the Knowledge Broker’s Forum network operators, we are happy to announce that Creators of Cosmos undertook the role to host and communicate the network’s actions for the following two years, as well as to set up a new site for the network.

Knowledge Broker’s Forum (KBF) is as a collaborative space to promote sharing and dissemination around intermediary work in international development. During the phase of its initial establishment, back in 2010, over 270 members agreed on sharing learning through debating; exchange of publications; and sharing opinions and views through discussions on relevant issues. KBF members cover a wide range of fields and contexts within the intermediary sector that spread from health research librarians in Canada to academics in India and from professionals in the field of Social and Solidarity economy from Greece, to agricultural experts from Argentina. KBF was founded and has been managed since its establishment by the I-K-Mediary global network of organizations, whish play a knowledge and information intermediary role in development, led by seven organizations worldwide. The network has been funded during the previous years by ‘Research Matters’, a joint initiative of the Canadian International Development Research Centre and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.

After the competition of its funding by ‘Research Matters’, the network came to an agreement with our company and thus we decided to offer our support and help by undertaking an effort to build up a new site for the community and establish project-based partnerships among its members. We hope to be able to fill in the shoes of so many exceptional professionals that kept the forum going for so long. This time we hope that the members of KBF will have an opportunity to continue offering their expertise to million of people, by producing and presenting intermediate concepts for evidence-based policy making.

We want to personally congratulate Mario Chatzidamianos, Director of Communications and Business Development for achieving such a huge partnership for our company and share our pride for him to be the only Greek member of the network, with an expertise on Social and Solidarity Economy.

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