SMATH and Knowledge Economy – 19/01/2020

Creators of Cosmos is proud to inform you that we were accepted in the 8th round of the SMATH program, hosted by INNOVATHENS powered by Samsung. INNOVATHENS, having already organized three Business Accelerator themes dedicated to the Creative and Cultural Industries host the Vol. 4: The SM-art edition!

Creators of Cosmos, during the following 3 months will be part of the creative nest build by INNOVATHENS, were alongside artists, other start-ups, businesses and professionals working in the Creative and Cultural Industries sector, will develop ideas and design new projects, products and services together, through a creative interaction, collaborations, views, know-how and good practices exchange. Learn more about the accelerator by visiting the following link:

The program already offered us a chance to enter discussions with the Institute of Fine Arts, in order for our company to design and submit a project in relation to postgraduate studies in Greece, in the field of special makeup effects.

The aforementioned projects comply fully with the Knowledge Economy pillar, one of the four upon which our company was established and operates. Congratulations to every single member of the company who offered their knowledge and efforts for us to succeed.

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