The past leads to the future – 15/03/2021

Starting to list what is happening during this period, we would like to thank the various social media for hosting publications related to the photo exhibition ‘Annabella’, which is dedicated to raising funds to financially support the legal fight of the family of the murdered Zak (Zackie Oh) Kostopoulos. Visit the exhibition to strengthen the participatory effort we started.

The link to visit the exhibition:

We would like to once again thank Loukia (Lux Ld) Damani and Spyros Georgakopoulos for the amazing work they did and for making their work available for the purposes of the effort.

Regarding the effort of our company to establish itself in the consciousness of the business and buying public, we would like to warmly thank the social media, for the dedications they made to both our team and the hybrid business model we operate, through which we achieve sustainable development for us, our partners, our customers and the planet.

Continuing with the current developments, we would like to inform you that our Director of Communication and Business Development, Mario Chatzidamianos, was selected among other outstanding professionals, as a mentor in the COOpower program, and more specifically for the COOPAthons action, which are a series of online events aimed at educating and involving the public in the fields of Youth Entrepreneurship, and the Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE). Mr. Chatzidamianos, as the only Greek recognized knowledge broker for the field of SSE, will strengthen the teams by trying to combine the model of SSE with forms of private schemes, in the standards that our company operates, thus transmitting knowledge and the tools that ensured our success in the next generations of entrepreneurs. The program is a collaboration between the British Council and the General Secretariat for Vocational Education, Training, Lifelong Learning and Youth of the Ministry of Education and Religions, co-financed by the European Union. Learn more at the following link

Another important distinction for both Mario and our company, concerns the fact that he has been chosen to become a member of the mentors pool of European Capitals of Culture network, as an interdisciplinary expert, who combines the knowledge of the field of Cultural and Creative Industries, of Social and Solidarity Economy, with subjects such as Innovation – Attention and Decentralized Economics, but also for his deep knowledge of the policies of the European Union, having more than 20 projects recognized with the distinction of ‘Best Practice’. Following his successful evaluation, Marios now belongs to the group of people who help Europe highlight its cultural and cultural heritage, in practice.

At the same time, Creators of Cosmos SMPC, has been selected as a strategic partner for the establishment and development of the International Cultural and Creative Industries Regulatory Authority (ICCIRA), whilst Mario received the distinction of Honorary Ambassador, to undertake a liaison role on behalf of the authority with cultural institutions, governments and companies, due to the experience of more than 20 years, in the development and interconnection of individuals and companies in the private and public sector, in clusters for Knowledge production, transfer and mobilization.

In closing, we would like to inform you about another of our successes as we were selected to participate in the Greek Startup Universe, an initiative of Startup-Greece and Founderhood with the common goal of developing the tech startup ecosystem in Greece and the world. The program is based on key pillars for the development of participants, such as Live Q&A Office Hours with renowned Greek founders and investors, 1-on-1 meetings with specialized professionals of Greek origin, online active community, access to educational materials, tools and services. Our goal is to attract the investment interest of Greek entrepreneurs in the Diaspora, to raise resources in order to proceed with guaranteed success to the pre-seed and seed stage of our company’s development.

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