We return dynamically to everyday life – 30/04/2021

Despite the fact that the green light has not yet been given for the resumption of our company’s operations, April has been a month of new synergies for us.

As part of the ‘Live Action Greece’ strategy, which we have been implementing since 2020, our company in collaboration with the following universities: Technical University of Crete, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, and Panteion, with the assistance of MTC Group, 360° Points of View, Miss Taxi Ghana and the participation of excellent professionals as independent collaborators, submitted an application for participation within the institution European Capital of Culture – Elevsis2023, whilst, designed and submitted a research proposal under the Horizon program of the European Union. In the hope that our applications will be approved, we are anxiously awaiting the result.

The direction of all the proposals concerns the transformation of smart cities into interconnectivity nodes of its users-citizens, based on the socio-economic and cultural interactions that take place within its boundaries.

In addition, and while continuing the development of our networks, we are pleased to inform you that our Director of Communication and Business Development, Marios Chatzidamianos, officially received -after the signing of the relevant protocols- the title of Honorary Ambassador of the new International Regulatory Authority for Cultural and Creative Industries ‘ICCIRA‘, and through this role he will strengthen the dynamics of the international authority as its liaison with governments, businesses and civil society, with the aim to further develop international collaborations in the aforementioned sectors.

At the same time, both Mr. Chatzidamianos and our Director of Research, Environment, Security, Systems and Technology, Angelina Kondyli, have become members of the Fempeak community, which was founded by Somi Arian, entrepreneur and international development consultant, with the aim of supporting and strengthening the female presence in business. As mentors, our two executives are preparing to present a series of talks on how to strengthen women’s entrepreneurship, address the phenomenon of glass ceiling, and on how to achieve harmony between family and professional life. Join the Feampeak community at the link given, to boost your confidence and learn about the latest developments in the international business arena.

Last but not least, do not forget that the photo exhibition ‘Annabella’ continues with the aim of financially supporting the Kostopoulos family, in its legal fight for the acquittal of the murdered Zak (Zakcie Oh). Visit the exhibition following the link https://bit.ly/3x7ReUv and make your own a piece of the unique collection created by Loukia (Lux Ld) Damani and the actor Spyros Georgakopoulos.

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