Press Release – 07/04/2021

Creators of Cosmos S.M.P.C., in the context of the further development of its international collaborations, announces its participation in the organizing committee for the design and execution of the round table, which will be conducted online, entitled “The individual’s role in modern Societies: a round table on how change-makers from across the globe are working towards an inclusive future for us all!”

Creators of Cosmos undertook a pro-bono provision for the organization and communication of the event, as it is a continuation of the meetings that take place between the participants of the international competition ‘Better Together Challenge 2019’, which was hosted in Korea, under the auspices of World Culture Open and the regional government of PyeongChang Province, where our company was invited as a consultant for the further development of the Cultural and Creative Industries in the region and worldwide, as tools of soft diplomacy.

The event will be attended by two representatives of our company, Mr. Mario Chatzidamianos, Director of Communication and Business Development, and Mr. Lazaros Damanis, contracted partner for festival activities and decentralized economy practices, who were invited in Korea as members of the experts committee.

You may watch the event on YouTube following the given link:

You can see the event invitation here.

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