“…and s(h)o(w), it begins…” – 18/06/2018

It is our great pleasure to announce the opening of our central offices in the historic building of the Municipal Market of Kypseli. Our belief that we can help rejuvenate the use of an emblematic building, in one of the areas of Athens where some of the greatest art creators, writers, and musicians of the modern Greek history have lived, was warmly accepted by the team of Impact Hub, which undertook the effort of introducing the first Social Economy Mall within the renovated building. Our team’s proposal submitted in a contest announced by the site’s managing authority, lead us to be selected as one of the companies to be hosted in the building as they considered our proposal to fulfill the criteria set. These criteria where: the human/environment to be at the center of the company’s scope, ensuring at the same time a sustainable development plan. Kypseli is one of the most interesting places to operate in Athens, due to the fact that it is globally recognized as one of the most multicultural areas of the world.

On one hand, we hope that operating our offices in this beautiful landmark will allow us to learn so many interesting stories and myths from all around the world, and to this extend realize new Live Action Role Playing games (L.A.R.P.s) scenarios that will include both the locals and international residents and visitors. On the other hand, during our establishment phase we had the chance to meet every single Greek team of producers of L.A.R.P. (Tales of Annor, Norsemen, Aeonia, Dihonea, Scool, and Pandora Society). This helped us extend our operational design in order to be able to collaborate with those teams, whilst addressing their expressed interest of joining forces with our company. Thus, we decided to implement a workshop of kinesthetic intelligence, based on the yoga training system, for candidates to participate and explore new ways of being introduced in our business environment.

The seminar entitled “Kinesthetic Intelligence and Improvement of L.A.R.P. players experience” was designed and will be implemented by Mr. Georgios Nastos, registered Hatha and Raja Yoga Instructor (500H) by Yoga Alliance (USA) and Yoga Alliance International (INDIAN), with the help of Ms. Sofia Koutelida, registered Hatha Yoga Instructor (200H) by Yoga Alliance (USA) and Yoga Alliance International (INDIAN) as his teaching assistant, and our own Mario Chatzidamianos, verified capacity building counselor. All the implementers have a background of working with diversified teams. One of our core axes when creating a scenario is to set in motion Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences, in order to identify the capacity of an individual to operate multiple tasks according to his non-formal competencies. The same principal was applied when designing the seminar-workshop, and we hope that the participants will achieve personal and professional growth.

We would especially like to thank Mr. Andreas Provelegios, owner of Yoga and Budo (Arts and Evolution) Life Long Learning Center 1 for his sponsorship of equipment. Mr. Provelegios is one of the first contributors in our effort. Please take the time to visit Yoga & Budo (Arts and Evolution) Center in the following link: www.yogabudo.com

We would also like to thank Mr. Lazaros Damanis for his help on creating the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), alongside with Mr. Chatzidamianos, that will allow us an in-depth study of the results of the seminar. As well as Mr. Vangelis Gavriilidis, for his videography and editing.

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