Application submission period announcement for the workshop “Kinesthetic Intelligence and Improvement of L.A.R.P. players Experience” – 20/6/2018

In the context of developing learning activities (seminars – educational activities – capacity building workshops), Creators of Cosmos S.M.P.C. in collaboration with certified Hatha and Raja Yoga Instructor (500H) by Yoga Alliance (USA) and Yoga Alliance International (INDIAN), George Nastos, created and invites you to participate in the workshop entitled “Kinesthetic Intelligence and improvement of L.A.R.P. players experience”. The aim of the project is to develop participants’ perceptions of kinesthetic intelligence in a course of 8 lessons and to apply it in a specialized practical workshop. Ms. Sofia Koutelida, certified Hatha Yoga Instructor (500H) by Yoga Alliance (USA) and Yoga Alliance International (INDIAN), will join us as teaching assistant.

Kinesthetic or Sensory-Kinetic intelligence is defined as the ability to use motor skills excellently and combinatorially, and is the intelligence that motivates the body to solve problems, invent new situations, convey ideas and emotions, achieve learning processes through physical activity. Users of kinesthetic intelligence understand more through physical memory, that is, they remember things through the body rather than through words (verbal memory) or pictures (visual memory). Specifically, the characteristics of Kinesthetic intelligence are effortless control of movements, control of preconceived movements, expanding body knowledge, body-brain harmony, mimic abilities, and improving body functions.

Biologically, this process is provided by the nervous system, whereby the cortex sends information to the spinal cord and the perception is based on a feedback mechanism. The cerebral cortex works to perform specific muscle movements. This kind of intelligence requires skill in fine movements, such as those required for dance, sports, surgery etc. The professions of athlete, surgeon, dancer, choreographer, actor, graphic designer, builder use kinesthetic intelligence. Examples of people with a high index of physical-sensory intelligence: Mikhail Baryshnikov, Michael Jordan, David Copperfield, Harry Houdini, Charlie Chaplin.

For the practical application of the knowledge gained by the participants, a workshop will be conducted, in order to measure related Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). To this end, Mr. Mario Chatzidamianos, Capacity Building Counselor alongside Mr. Lazaros Damanis, our Cultural Manager, co-created the intervention questionnaires. At the same time Mr. Nastos alongside Mr. Chatzidamianos and Ms. Koutelida, collaborated on producing the Key Effectiveness Indicators (KEIs) of the intervention, as well as the theoretical context of the feedback cycles that will take place during the course.

The workshop aims to collect the necessary data, in order to assess the usability and usefulness of yoga practice for L.A.R.P. players, especially in the areas of perception of physical fitness, its use to avoid injury, improvement of in-role performance for players, improvement of physical endurance and further cultivation of physical abilities, improvement of perception of physical health and perception of its importance as an indicator of ability to improve personal and professional life (psychological resilience capacity).

A kick-off meeting of the selected applicants with the trainers will be held on June 30th, 2018, regarding the content of the program, timetable of implementation, safety guidelines etc. By being accepted the applicants consent on being recorded on tape (GDPR regulation), and the material collected will be used for promotional purposes on behalf of the company.

The workshop will start immediately upon the completion of 13 positions, so this is a “first come-first served” invitation. For any additional questions and clarifications candidates are to send a completed application to: [email protected]

We would like to thank Mr. Nastos and Ms. Koutelida for their effort to prepare the most interesting workshop ever conducted regarding Kinesthetic Intelligence.

We would like to thank Mr. Andreas Provelegios, owner of Yoga and Budo (Arts and Evolution) Lifelong Learning Center 1 for offering the equipment. Mr. Provelegios is one of the first contributors in our effort. Please take the time to visit Yoga & Budo (Arts and Evolution) Center in the following link:

We would also like to thank Mr. Lazaros Damanis for his help on creating the Key Performance Indicators, alongside with Mr. Chatzidamianos, that will allow us an in-depth study of the results of the seminar. As well as Mr. Vangelis Gavriilidis, for his videography and editing.

Learn details about the workshop by sending us a direct mail through our contact page, and don’t forget to subscribe to our monthly newsletter.

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