We educate ourselves, so how about creating a digital game… – 11/07/2018

We are proud to announce that our Director of Communications and Business Development, Mario, has successfully completed the short-term educative seminar on “Digital Game Development”. The General Secretariat for Youth and Lifelong Learning of the Ministry of Education and the General Secretariat for Information and Communication of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, in the framework of a Memorandum of Understanding, took the initiative to design and develop training seminars on issues related to enhancing domestic audiovisual production in the framework of the “Digital Games Development” program.

The program aimed to promote the training of young people in the new digital tools and capabilities that today’s new technologies provide, with the aim of enhancing young people’s participation in the digital age. The seminar also aimed to highlight the development of digital gaming in all its facets by offering an integrated approach that combines theoretical training with practical experience. An expertise of Mario, who used to teach students since 2012 on how to tackle the digital era in terms of professional development.

During the seminar Mario also had the opportunity to offer his insight on issues such as online recruitment strategies, as Capacity Building Counselor, whilst getting informed on thematic such as linking violence to video games and the risk of addiction, different game applications, from educational games to modern play styles, basic programming and design principles. At the end of the program Mario showcased our company’s business model and development strategies of our products, receiving an enthusiastic feedback both by organizers and participants.

To this extend, we further discussed R&D collaborations opportunities with the Department of Communication, Media, and Culture of Panteion University in Athens as well as the National Technical University of Athens, whose faculty members implemented the training.

You are welcome to ask Mario anything that you feel like by sending a direct message through our communication page, and don’t forget to subscribe for our monthly newsletter.

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