Well begun is half done!!! – 13/07/2018

After two (2) years of researching, planning, preparing, and executing paper exercises, we are pleased to announce that Creators of Cosmos Single Member Private Company was created and fully operates as of today. Creators of Cosmos is here to give Greece a business vital boost regarding Live Action Role Playing Games.

The term refers to games that take place either in a closed and controlled space or in an open partially controlled environment, with players incarnate roles (as in improvised street theater) and through these roles, attempting within the context of an interactive scenario of each game – product.

The company has more than 30 activity code numbers in terms of its business identity. Two independently affiliated networks of colleagues will operate to support the development of a business initiative with a social and solidarity sign. In addition to its activities in the fields of tourism, entertainment, mental health, science and research, the company is designed to serve as an incubator for young professionals in the creative industries sector.

For the first time, a private Greek company is designing, organizing, producing and executing Live Action Role Playing Games (L.A.R.P.), and opens a path for our country to enter global value chains in the creative industries sector, through a prototyped statute of composition which was filed and accepted by Hellenic authorities.

“Well begun is half done” wise people say, and we just began our journey. You only have to subscribe to our company’s newsletter to allow us to officially use your personal contact information (name, email, contact phone), in order to avoid fines, because we’ve looked up our personal agendas in order to inform you about these great news.

For the time being, we are celebrating our first success. We’ll be back soon with our news! Get ready to bring your fantasy worlds to life with Creators of Cosmos.

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