Apprentice Magicians in the Theater Square – 15/12/2018

Creators of Cosmos and RPG4Kids invite you to discover the fantastic world of table-top role-playing games, through the game ‘Apprentice Magicians’, designed by RPG4Kids.

On their side, Creators of Cosmos will bring the main characters of the game to life on behalf of our little friends so that we all may live together an adventure at the Theater Square.

Game cycles have been created for the needs of the game, to allow as many children as possible to participate. And if you are wondering where and when all of the above will take place, the event will be implemented on December 22nd and 23rd, 2018, in the context of the event “Live Athens to the Points”, organized by Athens Development & Destination Management Agency S.A. of the municipality of Athens, as part of the ‘Katastima sto Κentro’ action of the program ‘This is Athens – Polis²’.

The action will take place at Creators of Cosmos store, 6 – 8 Theater Street, starting at 12.00 and ending in the late afternoon and children starting from the age of 6 years old and above can participate. For participation reservations you can contact [email protected].

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