Restart on Theatre Square – 04/04/2019

Creators of Cosmos would like to announce that after having received an invitation from Athens Development and Destination Management Agency S.A., project manager for the “This is Athens – Polis²” intervention in Theatre Square, will be returning in the neighborhood in order to continue its efforts as one of the program beneficiaries. This time the company will be hosted in the store of the former bar Guru.

This progress was a result of the effort conducted by A.D.D.M.A’s executives and this chance has been offered to our company, after having been identified as a success story of the program. Ms. Oriana Antonaropoulou, project manager on behalf of A.D.D.M.A. has provided our company with the following statement:

Creator of Cosmos S.M.P.C. with its participation in the thematic action entitled “Polis²”, as part of “This is Athens” project, implemented by ADDMA, demonstrated a unique approach in the Creative Industries sector and in particular in the field of cultural heritage management as an additional value in all areas of tourism, research and development of new technologies, development of tools for enhancing learning and education, but also as a pillar for the development of production-transfer and mobilization of knowledge in this field.

CoC S.M.P.C. was a success story for Polis², making use of all the tools available, timely acknowledging the concerns about the implementation of a pilot intervention program, and responding consistently to all its requirements (peer reports, action newsletters, participations in communication actions organized by ADDMA, support and upgrading of know-how to other companies benefiting from the action to achieve productive programming). In addition, the company’s executives showed professionalism over every problem they were called to face and, in general, they became valuable partners for the successful outcome of the effort.

Utilizing the company’s business philosophy as a vehicle for revitalizing degraded urban areas of particular cultural value, has provided ADDMA with additional data on how to create a holistic approach regarding the exploitation of symbolic products (games, scenarios, preparation for the realization of musical events, production of educational and learning tools for all ages, etc.), recognizing their value as part of the smart specialization of Athens as a destination for business, R&D, educational-congress and cultural tourism.

We would like to thank A.D.D.M.A. S.A. and especially Mrs. Antonaropoulou for offering their consistent help in our efforts to successfully complete the establishment phase of our company. Soon we will announce our new projects to be developed in the area.

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