“Live Action Greece” presentation – 15/09/2020

On Thursday September 10th, 2020, from the facilities of INNOVATHENS powered by Samsung in the Technopolis of the Municipality of Athens, MTC Group and Creators of Cosmos S.M.P.C, presented an event during which the strategy entitled “Live Action Greece” was revealed. The strategy regards the development of hybrid professional clusters, that are expected to strengthen the tourism industry in Greece and sectors such as education, lifelong learning, Knowledge Economy, and R&D of new products and services.

The President of MTC Group, Notis Martakis, and our Director of Communications and Business Development, Marios Chatzidamianos, showcased to representatives of Hellenic Municipalities and Regions, professionals of the Cultural and Creative Industries sector, representatives of the Social and Solidarity Economy organizations, and individuals, a strategic planning which responds to the smart specialization that the country must develop to enter global value chains of commerce in various sectors.

By combining the CCI, gaming, technology, and the natural heritage of Greece, the strategy will help  develop a comprehensive identity for destinations, through the production of Live Action Role Playing Games (LARP) and related events, in order to address a diversified, dedicated audience.

By designing, installing, and implementing LARP games and related events, the cluster wishes to strengthen Municipalities and Regions, in sectors such as the gamification of processes and knowledge, as well as entertainment tourism,  thus securing additional financial resources to local authorities and highlighting each destination in a unique way.

The strategy has been developed in relation to EU’s “Future Emerging Technologies in Art and Science” axe and in accordance to the best practises introduced by the 70-years’ experience of South Korea, which implemented the relevant policy under the title Hallyu or as it is known to economic analysts “The Korean Wave”.

The strategy was piloted in Athens, Pelion and Nafplio in 2019 with significant economic and social benefits for the designated areas. To give an example, in a 14 days period of gaming trials in Pelion, the profits secured in both the primary and secondary markets reached an amount of almost €150.000,00. In Athens, the strategy was integrated into two municipal programs (revival of the Municipal Market of Kypseli and revival of Theater Square in the historic city centre) resulting in a success story, in terms of holistic management of the area’s cultural and natural heritage.

The cluster, so far consists of MTC Group, INNOVATHENS powered by Samsung of the Technopolis of the Municipality of Athens, Creators of Cosmos S.M.P.C. and 360° Points of View, and will attempt the development of the relevant toolbox for both in Greece and international partnerships.

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