Invitation to presentation of the “Live Action Greece” program – 04/09/2020

MTC Group and Creators of Cosmos S.M.P.C. inaugurate their partnership and invite you to the presentation of a new, holistic model of Destination Management, in order to strengthen the tourism industry in Greece.

Even before the recent outbreak of the covid-19 epidemic, Greece failed to work effectively on a strategic plan for the development of alternative forms of tourism, especially in terms of new trends (apocalyptic, fun, entertainment, dark, experiential, empirical tourism etc.), as more and more destinations become competitive with our traditional product (sun and sea), which we had pointed out in time that must accompany “quality and safety”. It is a common place, based on the developments so far, that mass tourism is gradually declining, globally, a fact that requires the immediate search for alternatives for our country.

At the same time, developments in technology make it imperative to create new and / or upgrade existing businesses so that they become hybrid models capable of serving global value chains. Especially with regard to the arts and science, the EU -understanding the benefits of copyright management- is implementing the FET in Art & Science policy, with the aim of creating hybrid businesses that will be able to utilize its multicultural heritage. However, according to data from the Organization for Economic Security and Cooperation (OECD, 2019), Greece has not managed to enter global value chains (Gaming, Creative Industries, Knowledge Economy).

In this perspective, MTC Group and Creators of Cosmos join forces to present a new holistic destination management model, under the general title “Live Action Greece”. As part of the new strategy, MTC Group’s many years of experience and the Creators of Cosmos hybrid, multifocal approach, through the writing of Live Action Role Playing Games (hereinafter LARP), work together to transform destinations into learning, entertainment and recreational centers, incorporating a toolbox for Municipalities and Regions by utilizing the trend of ‘gamification of processes’.

The “Live Action Greece” strategy is a tool that can be used for the development of business education incentives, educational tourism (Erasmus +), conference tourism in Research and Development (R&D), nomad tourism, but also for the upgrade traditional themes (religious, empirical, diving, etc.) of tourism in the emerging trends of the world market.

On Thursday, September 10, 2020 from 15:30 to 17:30 the two companies organize an information event which will be held via video conference (zoom) from the offices of INNOVATHENS powered by Samsung of the Technopolis of the Municipality of Athens. Due to the limited number of participants, interested journalists, representatives of Municipalities and organizations are kindly requested to register their presence in a timely manner via e-mail at: [email protected] and / or [email protected].

Strategic partners to support the development of the “Live Action Greece” strategy are INNOVATHENS powered by Samsung, the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center of the Technopolis of the Municipality of Athens, which hosts the interview and supports the actions by offering logistical infrastructure and friendly projects. And Harokopio University, and more specifically the Department of Informatics and Telematics, which provides technological support and training activities in objects related to the produced projects. We hope to be with you soon!

A few words about the partners

MTC Group of companies, for 22 consecutive years, provides Consulting Services for the Management of Tourist Destinations as well as for Communication, Promotion & Tourism Marketing. In the meantime, the group of companies managed to highlight a rich project, which includes collaborations with Municipalities, Regions, Hotel Associations, Associations of Tourism Professionals, special projects, private companies and beyond Tourism (Hellenic Bank, Agrino, Ktima Vassiliou, EET , OSDEL, LAMPSI FM, I-Cube), and public bodies of central policy (Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Development, Employment, Principle against Racism and Discrimination-Cyprus).

Creators of Cosmos S.M.P.C. is a start-up and the only Greek company that designs, establishes, and operates LARP in four axes of business activityTourism, Gaming, Cultural & Creative Industries, and the Knowledge Economy, and in five categories:

  • Tourism in the areas: experiential tourism, dark tourism, apocalyptic tourism, entertainment tourism, cinematic tourism, me tourism, city break, cultural tourism, and integrated destination management,
  • Gaming in the sectors: human resource development and more specifically lifelong learning, skills acquisition, and capacity building, lifting the exclusion for groups of people living under the threat of social marginalization (social exclusion tackling),
  • Cultural & Creative Industries in the fields: cultural and environmental heritage management, preservation of oral wisdom and culture, development of methodologies for the protection of intellectual property,
  • Knowledge Economy in the areas: knowledge production, knowledge transfer and knowledge mobility, and
  • Research and Development of hybrid business models, as well as the restructuring of existing models to utilize cutting-edge technologies and methodologies for their adaptation to the modern global market.

INNOVATHENS powered by Samsung, the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Hub of the Technopolis of the Municipality of Athens is a modern, functional and collaborative space in the city center, which has been established as one of the most dynamic centers of networking, knowledge exchange and experience in creative and business ecosystem of Athens. Organizes and hosts activities related to information, multidisciplinary education, the promotion of innovation and new technologies, as well as the development of business skills of young people, who seek to engage mainly in the fields of culture, tourism, agri-food and of the circular economy. For this purpose, it collaborates and collaborates with university and research bodies, state, and municipal organizations and with representatives of the business world.

The Department of Informatics and Telematics of Harokopio University was founded in 2006 and its mission is to cultivate and promote the science of Informatics, primarily in the field of network-based information systems and advanced digital services. For this purpose, special emphasis is given to the areas of telematics, which are related to network and internet technologies. These sectors have a variety of applications, such as education (e-learning), economics (e-business), public administration (e-government), health (e-health), transportation (advanced transportation systems).


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