Press Release – 16/07/2020

Creators of Cosmos is announcing that our CEO and Production Manager, Konstantinos Kekkas, alongside his team Urdi Lubi, are releasing their interactive game entitled “Cities Revealed”, under the framework of the “Trust in Play” program, which  supports emerging professionals in the field of urban game design, mentoring them to build a sustainable practice and playfully exploring new relationships of trust in cities.

The game has been created to serve as both a fun game, an interconnectivity tool, as well as a translation tool in terms of civilization and cultural understanding between strangers across the globe. During the game, players with the usage of an online app, and their mobile devices, take walks across their cities and exchange material (sounds and pictures) related to certain thematic, predefined by the game’s creators.

Thus, common understanding about cultural diversity is being established among the players, who usually play the game in pairs. Another convenience served by the game’s design, regards the minimum amount of data needed, thus making the game available to all.

We wish the team the best of luck and we invite you to discover “Cities Revealed” on Telegram app. We will be waiting for your feedback! So, go out in your cities and rediscover them, in a playful and funny way.

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