Meetings, Decisions… Interviews – 20/09/2018

A week full of meetings and decision making for our company, as the management team completed contacts with the municipality of Zagora – Mouresi and the Hellenic Rescue Team Magnesia’s branch, to establish our Minimum Value Product in Eastern Pelion, entitled “The Centaur’s Secrets”.

Continuing our development actions program, our company’s executives participated in a meeting with the Kypseli’s Municipal Market Management Authority, Impact Hub, to discuss the company’s design regarding the Market’s opening event, which will take place on October 4th – 5th  and 6th, 2018. In the same context, our Director of Communications and Business Development, Mario Chatzidamianos, gave an interview to be included in a video regarding the market’s tenants that will be presented at the opening night.

Impact Hub, as a managing authority, chose to host us in the building as they considered our proposal to meet the required criteria. That is, human and the environment to be at the center or the company’s scope, while ensuring a sustainable development plan.

Our next meeting was with the executives of the Athens Destination & Development Managing Authority S.A., in relation to the preparation for an event entitled “Culture Night”, which will take place on October 5th,2018, at the Theater Square, as well as the thematic of the opening day of the ‘This is Athens-Polis²’ program on October 12th, 2018, during which  our company will present two events.

In addition to the above, executives from the departments of Environmental Mechanics and Consumer Engineering, met with SFX designer Mr. Prokopis Vlasseros to explore collaboration opportunities between the two sides in the production of our scenarios-games, as Mr. Vlasseros is one of the most up-and-coming creators of special effects for cinema and television in Greece.

Following on with our networking and collaboration activities, company executives held a working meeting with the management team of Coco-mat bikes, a spin-off of the world-renowned Coco-mat label, in order to undertake the development of its business planning, activities and corporate identity.

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